Find new job often, vigilant " duty field energy " clear
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Everybody can experience in his professional career a certain number of second professional changeover: Turn to that company from this company, turn to that industry from this industry, or -- which company also does not go, him choice does poineering work. Find new job it may not be a bad idea, do poineering work, turn go, want field of this kind of duty to change arrival only, we are unavoidable to ask our: "A what kind of job should I seek now? " or: "What kind of career can I make one time? " this is necessary, but management of career of Shanghai exposed to the sun consults limited company Hong Xiangyang of division of presiding profession program thinks, care most when us next when future and outlet, often ignored not carefully however far more important than the outlet itself before same thing: Duty field energy is accumulated.

What is meant by " duty field energy " ?

As all objects, our profession is accumulative also move spy some, aeriform energy, this kind of energy, do not use can simply normally so called " professional experience " will generalize, it still included us the place in on-the-job field accumulates the spirit that come down, temperamental, eye, bosom, intuition to cannot be used etc " experience " the thing that will replace. Every time you act a part in on-the-job field, one kind specific " duty field energy " gather together quickly on your body rise, and form a whole with you, in other words, you, add the sort of " duty field energy " , in just bringing up duty field complete and true " you " . You often can discover with the friend all round you, after experiencing a kind of new occupation when you, your certain respect produced change it seems that, you and there is a place before not quite same, what reason? Not be what yourself produced to change actually, say scientificly, be you are peculiar now " duty field energy " make you can't help, ground of exert a subtle influence on was changed.

Find new job often loss " vigour "

changeover of inaugural course of study, hong Xiangyang of division of presiding profession program thinks, a kind of the most hazardous condition, nothing is more... than in in find new job and doing poineering work, let oneself be in before good not easy saving rises in professional career, the duty field energy that precipitation comes down ground " clear " . A person advisory client that refers an orgnaization in profession of career of exposed to the sun is medium, one part person is making such mistake continuously. Professional program division people often encounter such case: Experience of a work already had duty field of 78 years " old person " say however not clear oneself are pursueing which profession after all -- they do this work today, will do that work tomorrow, but a job after a job is mixed is without correlation to spend almost -- make they ought have been the senior personages of a certain domain, still be in possibly however to apply for a job be anxious, still perhaps keep on-the-job job exploration period, spellbound to coming to. Be blind changeover, make energy of his historical duty field cannot is opposite his current profession experience is offerred any help, bring about him to accumulated the duty field energy that come down to be changed in such transition in be experienced before 0, he turns field of a duty into the novice afresh again! Showing the consequence that come is, the duty field energy in the past not only cannot allude with confidence to oneself, cannot feel in order to trust to others more.
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