"Applepolish " also be duty field ability
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Recently, the talk in CCTV news channel kind program " character new weekly publication " in, manpower resource managed advisory expert to speak of a few fundamental notions into Jun Yi, his cite swims on the west character, unscramble duty field focus, of figure say the leader is the Tang Dynasty monk, because had the Tang Dynasty monk, because Sun Wu sky had so good leader ability merits and virtues is satisfactory go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures is successful, and fawn on is worth duty field ability to be called as a kind " the diamond in the language " .

The classic famous work with well-known have the aid of will explain administrative theory, this is not some of the closest talent new issue. Be in early 2003, of Cheng Junyi " the water the Three Kingdoms that boil " had been to read of pop chart on of a list of names posted up make.

He continues to unscramble means straightawayly, mix duty field again recently Chinese classic famous work " on the west travel notes " connection is together, its are made newly " Sun Wu is a good employee for nothing " become best seller again.

One of duty field focuses: Wanted a leader to be opposite only employee won't wrong

"If leader was opposite, if these employee are wrong, also can meet gradually regression comes up to right course. Because this company culture is the culture of a party to an undertaking normally. " into Junyi citing says, "We often speak of Cao Cao, actually Sun Wu is the Cao Cao in the middle of forhead for nothing, sun Wu is empty before the experience that the experience of half a lifetime is Cao Cao. Sun Wu is in for nothing when be troubled by heavenly palace greatly, once had said ' the emperor is done by turns, now reachs my home ' , but why can Sun Wu become a good employee readily finally for nothing? Because he experienced the course of go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures of a paragraph of Western Paradise, and final merits and virtues is satisfactory, the Tang Dynasty the monk has very positive front effect in this process, make Sun Wu empty return the road of a good employee to go up eventually. When the recognizant idea of the leader that becomes us so is right, when our constituent culture science is advanced, enterprise interior did not have bad stuff " .

Of duty field focus: Destroy a system to must be punished absolutely not show mercy

Without norms, do not become circumference. Every enterprise must be gotten have a system, regulations system also is an enterprise the very important one part in organizing culture to become, but making a system also is law of in the right way but of abide, it is to should punish over award, still reward cross penalty more? with duty field the commonnest phenomenon -- late arrival citing, because how should decide custom, it is to be late one Nemesis 200, still be a month is not late add 800, which more effective?

"Do not distribute a form to the love of employee, it has the problem of an appropriate sex only, right like us the child is same. The child is not obedient you are OK and severe, this kind of severity is to stem from a kind of love as much, of course you are OK also and comfortable also can include, this must want consider the situation certainly. Because these two kinds of method are not so effective, more important method is, we should look for this kind of a flock of employee that have deep love for the job, perhaps say to foster a kind of atmosphere that has deep love for the job between them, in the everybody in this kind of environment meeting consciousness is not late. Let right person do appropriate work, this is a kind of eyesight with a necessary controller and a kind of necessary quality. " Chengjun recalls compensatory say, once the system is made, carrying out again, executive stand or fall is a system those who make is strong assure, because of the system the code of conduct that it is a communal sex. Resemble " historical novel of the Three Kingdoms " in " wipe away tears behead Ma Su " , ma Su establishs next military orders record, military orders shape as the regulations system in company culture, since built a such systems, cannot rot easily it. Zhu Geliang can punish him, but since decided a such system, who stands below who is right shape of this military orders is responsible, of Ma Su had been inevitable and undoubted to death.
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