6 action handle nice fellow relation
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In our job and surroundings, establish good human relationship, get authority approbate with esteem, live to having huge help with development to oneself undoubtedly, and have a pleasant working atmosphere, the sheet that can make we neglect the job is harmonic and tired, also make we can have a good state of mind to the life. Regretful is, we often hear many people to handle the human relation in good office to feel intractable to how, complain very much. Actually, want us to be person integrity only, use a heart and try hard, becoming a favorite work in the same placing is not very hard work.

So, how to establish good human relationship, perhaps say, how had handled the relation with the colleague? According to associate with experience, we might as well from proceed with of the following respects.

Expostulatory one: State an opinion to boss directly

In working process, because everybody considers the means hard to avoid of the angle of the problem and processing to have difference, a few decisions that make to boss place have a view, there is an opinion in the heart, turn into even the complaint of have one's bosom filled with. Below these circumstances, must not everywhere drain, pass a few the individual's pass on a message otherwise, although you say is the fact also is met,inflection changes flavour, waited for boss to hear, became allow his life and embarrassed word, hard to avoid can produce bad view to you. If you often such, so you work hard again namely, made pretty good success, get the appreciation of boss very hard also. Besides, you exposed your weakness completely, be used very easily by those wicked person place. These elements are met very adverse to your development generation effect. So best method is in namely appropriate when look for boss directly, express yourself's opinion to its, the language that had better want to be able to be accepted with its according to the disposition of boss and disposition of course is stated, undertake communication with the manner that needs a person cordially, such effects will be betterer. As boss, he experiences your esteem and accredit, also meet many a little bit trust to you, this croaks everywhere than you, slanderous gossip a lot of.

Expostulatory 2: Absorb experience to old colleague

Those work in the same place than what you work to the company first, opposite for can accumulate more experience than you, we might as well when organic meeting listen respectfully their opinion, search the place that can draw lessons from from gain and loss of their success or failure, can help ourselves take roundabout way less not only so, can let them feel we are respected to theirs more. Especially those qualifications and record of service are longer than you, but the fellow worker with other a few younger than you respect, can have more sensation, and the staff with those strong capability, can think you are good at enterprising, can be happy keep an eye on and guide and support you. We often also can see such counterexample, some people capability is strong, can be in the unit, consider oneself is very tall, do not buy the Zhang of those old colleagues, do so that often work in the same place to feel disgusted very much, and these old colleagues after all foundation is solid, square field surface can consider their opinion, because of,as a result you meet crucial time this be thwarted, this has to cause our attention.
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