The means that takes popular feeling wins inside the office
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No matter the system of the company has many to perfect, also need a fellow worker cooperate. Whether successful, the key also depends on whether become one with with the colleague, use up popular.

Cooperate and share: Share a view with others more, be listened to more and accept others opinion, such your ability are obtained everybody is admitted and support, ability begins the work smoothly.

Smile: No matter trainee of boiled water aunt, summer vacation time or general manager, the all the time does not reveal genial smile to the person, will surely win take good impression. Young fellow worker inspects you to be Great Master elder brother, elder sister, old become you look upon of younger brother, younger sister, the human relation that mixes in person so needs the development of advantageous career.

Understanding: The colleague catchs a cold you are given considerately on pill, transient cake inn arranges a colleague to buy afternoon tea, these are the fatigue of raise one's hand, what is there against it? You are good to you to person good person, be in a company just won't sink is isolated the condition that does not have aid.

Do not do small circle of people: Maintain friendly relationship with each colleagues, be not maintained as far as possible the person that you belong which circle, can narrow otherwise your human network, do not have advantage to you. Follow different person contact with as far as possible, do not sow discord.

Have a principle and not obstinate: Play agile, have a principle, but know however in proper when the opinion that accepts another person. Do not all things bend forward greet, be without definite idea, can stay to the person only so cowardly, handle affairs the bad impression with insufficient capacity.

Do not fawn on: Know the snob that makes up to boss to meet with certainly only numerous abhor. Do not put the fellow worker completely in the eye, exacting waits for colleague subordinate, it is to be in undoubtedly give oneself antagonize everywhere.

Not too severe: Perhaps the purpose of your manner severity is a job to had been done only, look however in people look, it is acerbity expression however.

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