Let rise duty to come again a few more quickly!
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You have the Master record of formal schooling of famous brand university, ceng Zaiguo border jackarooes in well-known big company, still have the beautiful resume of blindfold making a person. However, you are in the company with some ordinary fine long hair to become the young staff member of an unknown to public however now. You feel your duty field career from it is a bottleneck at the beginning, you need to come to the key open the entrance door that leads to wide perspective... so, look downward please.

Are you bubble had been mildew sent almost in the job that did not challenge completely in? You can not be exclusive a person that encounters this kind of problem. This has been a kind of common society phenomenon, and you just are a small reduction just. The analytic conclusion of sociologist is: "In present youth, the parents that should compare them on average each accepts education of 3 years more, but their income compares its parents low double. From on the whole, the growth level of record of formal schooling than once upon a time admittedly very considerable, but a few state-owned or demesne the company grows more quickly to the requirement of worker record of formal schooling and quality. " this kind of phenomenon can say for: Of individual value unreasonable use. Nevertheless, everything is done not have absolutely! Current professional awkward situation is cast off before wanting to be in 30 years old, develop the scope of operation with brand-new one party for oneself, smiling to meet valuable challenge, find the way of the profession that suits oneself truly, might as well listen to BIBA psychology expert to have what good proposal.

For oneself formulate appreciation plans

You do not need to do force of a labor to wait for the ox of hair, low head, vertical stroke removes the ox horn with high-spirited fight, blusterous move develops the boss' office, let him see your value clear. Ask an attention, here can not be bullfight arena. You need to come down calmly, deep breathing, think carefully, measure well and truly, next the ego ability that formulate gives to suit his develops a plan, the professional target that lets oneself anticipate to you as far as possible draws close. "When major company is picking a talented person, won't see the beautiful expressions on your resume merely. They can conclude from inside interview and dialog you are capable to be competent a certain position " , the director of company of some vocational training tells us, "Look even additionally finishing your own job beyond, whether do you still have the additional value that they need. At that time, if you have the other technical ability outside major, for example ability of accountant certificate, foreign language, can increase the odds with your successful interview greatly. " psychologist complements then: "Want the plan that formulate ego develops, be about above all a few immanent negative opinion, for example: ' I am not done ' , and the interference that comes from the outside: ' they do not listen to me to say ' or be ' this world is original inequitable ' wait for an idea to keep clear of thoroughly. Because they can let became a kind of prejudice in the past only, become your ongoing obstacle. Arrange the lesson in the past only, recombine present circumstance, ability jumps out former frame, formulate goes out the most practical ' appreciation ' plan. Formulate goes out the most practical ' appreciation ' plan..
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