Duty field rises the English strategy of duty weapon: Piao Mengben? should have
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In the weapon that on-the-job field raises duty, english should calculate going up is a kind of edge tool, some companies will promote to a high office directly even opportunity and English level link up with, this makes duty field white-collar smooth added pair of English study " passion " . But the study of white-collar English is restricted on time and environment more. How can overcome these limitation, achieve crash goal? The expert expresses, when white-collars are studying plan certainly, should notice the following 3 keywords.

Time: Be apt to is changed with time numerous brief

Learn the characteristic on English in the light of the white-collar, how to accomplish does in English learning process both neither feel drab can you obtain apparent effect again?

English study expert tells a reporter related, the job of fast rhythm, life and English learn the contradiction between, white-collar of field yielding post more the enough time that fails English study. Investigation shows, in the conflict of the job and English study, great majority white-collar chooses " the job is first, english keep to the side " . In this kind of English study time is the circumstance that the job gives way to fall ceaselessly, mastered English to become a dream quickly.

Study the issue that time shorts in the light of white-collar English, via Hua Ying language a senior study adviser thinks, english study of the white-collar must be changed numerous brief, the scattered time in be good at using routine will complete study, best choice does not need to secure the course of English study time, lest learning English time and job to produce conflict hind to abandon helplessly, because, two after abandoning, basically mean long ground to abandon English.

Typical course: The white-collar goes up in the choice of English course, should notice relaxed, light. Show content should be interesting and useful easily, light the small part that shows curricular content should be opposite independence. If classics China English is relaxed course, the time that needs to take up 5 minutes only can help learner complete the English study of a setting, learner can complete study easily at any time and place.

English study expert thinks, kind of this kind of English study has in the atmosphere in a kind of relaxed joy not only, more crucial is the individual does not need to employ a large number of fixed time, a good deal of money to learn English daily, just use casual at ordinary times recreational time and a small defray, can have English study continuously, sexual price is higher.

Circle: Production English life is encircled

Actually, the white-collar is read see English press be no problem, but the English that wants to say a tunnel, however times feeling ability not equal to one's ambition. The expert thinks the prime cause that produces this kind of situation depends on, white-collars had a few English ABC basically, but those who lack is these pair of English knowledge is actual apply, caused white-collars can " admit " English and very difficult " say " English.
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