Take route of good job field 4 big classical proposals
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In future, your unique competition advantage learns quickly than the person namely, act quickly, mirror in our current period. From the following 4 respects undertake brief analysis, the new personality that hopes to will enter duty field to those and directors a few inspire.

One, the goal that establishs the life and job.

A lot of undergraduates that just graduate, basically be to be only feed oneself, accumulate experience of a few works, be risk one's life needlessly again go cheesy, perhaps regard as transfer level, smoke time take an examination ofing to grind, basically do not have the pursuit of too much life quality and working respect in addition, the word that has pursuit also is a few highbrow idea, hope the company lets him can manage alone immediately for instance, take yearly salary of high specified number to perhaps say he goes doing poineering work when the boss. Always go up and character, their target lies most actual with too good two end, general lack is hardheaded, practical, measure in a planned way has the professional ideal of measure and life bid. So, the business platform of interest of the professional characteristic that duty field new personality wants to combine his, interest, company comes the profession of the near future develops him establish target and life aim, and of particularly ambitious attune emphasis is a target should be based on reality to want prep above reality again, can advance steadily, level gets effective. The Hr director of the enterprise should be active be new personality actively to make good profession career seek advice and plan, the professional career that allows employee plans and the manpower resource program of the company uses up utmost find be identical area, build nice talented person to foster a system to endeavor for the enterprise.

2, nurturance is an upright person working good mood and method.

The team member of team of football of China of Mi Luceng classics sending word people: The manner decides everything. Believe this word also should apply to a the butcher, especially duty field new personality. Every enterprise hopes employee can be established correct hold idea of course of study, in oneself, the knowledge that there is a reasonable, clarity on the part between family, colleague, director and company and fixed position, treat daily bagatelle, job to allocate, the method that the respect such as the criticism of the dispute between the colleague, director has view of true attitude, understanding and processing. So, after new personality enters a company, should learn carefully watch what sb is doing and saying, blend in a company as soon as possible, understand the administrative culture of the company, the professional behavior convention with good at the same time nurturance and professional personal integrity, from the basiccest be an upright person working good mood and method begin. In the meantime, hr people the training that should make field of good employee professionalism in the light of new personality.
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