How to become a past master of duty field hurdle race successfully
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Common saying says: "Difference in profession makes one feel worlds apart " , existing to appear between each industries the chasm of impassable, the person that make a lot of finding new job be terrified by the sight of sth or sb, then major person chooses to wander in his circle. However, have a batch of such brave challenger, they change freely between completely disparate industry, and a kind of contented feeling and achievement sense are found in this kind of challenge. To preparing to cross the duty field personage that the industry finds new job at present, two professions handler abounds below cross an industry to develop experience and original profession to develop understanding, can give you probably a few inspire and help.

Mr Cheng: Fight in some places one by one of 5 industries find new job ace

Duty field experiences:

Manpower resource chief inspector Mr Cheng Xuehua that shows company of group of science and technology of hold post Yu Xintai is having duty field of nearly 20 years to experience, had been engaged in aviation carrying early or late, development of estate development, home appliance distribute, talent, machinery is made wait for disparate industry. From most initial average service personnel arrives vise general manager of large foreign enterprise, company property pervades enterprise of state-operated, civilian battalion, foreign capital. He says: "I am find new job less, just trade 56 units 20 years almost, unit of smooth even home also has a few years. " he tells a reporter, pursue manpower resource job, not strict to trade demand, and osculatory person is very much, the chance is very much also, find new job so rate is relatively some higher.

Find new job state of mind:

Regard duty field as the personage, do in an industry or position long meeting generation feels wearily, right now if have better chance, basic metropolis chooses new development way. A few years of time of firm obtain employment basically consider working pay, environment and study opportunity, pay attention to an individual to develop a space now.

Industry difference:

Disparate industry has different characteristic. Real-estate industry is belonged to capital and concentrated model, run to capital reach demand of technical qualified personnel is higher. The service of home appliance industry to personnel quality, especially demand of after service level is higher. Numerical control mould belongs to industry of new and high technology, taller to the demand of capacity of research and development of technical personnel.

Cross an industry to find new job advantage:

Change a new industry, can feel novelty has fun at, the job has intense emotion more. Enter the restriction that won't accept a lot of restriction all right newly, won't adherence original thinking mode, be helpful for innovating. Be engaged in supervising the work especially, if can understand the characteristic of each industries and knowledge, conduce to the capacity that increases each respect and level of management.
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