Duty field is darling female people rise job 10 big obstacles
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Of devoted duty field you, show professional female to answer everywhere some is spell able and decisive, astute with beauty you, every day toward 9 evening 5 rush about at scriptorium and the world outside, 8 hours by busy official business, the eyes of complex human relation and old male people and certain and bad harbour intentions are being surrounded, plus ego psychology certain inferior position is mixed obstacle, had thought, if try in time to control and be solved, that firm appearance eventually will by immanent frail devour slowly, till be completely annihilated.

Roadblock 1: Do not be willing to show talent, conceal profession aspiration, uncle of sit back and wait appears happily

This kind of mentation shows hold the person that you are an ability lack self-confidence to oneself, have extremely strong dependence and laziness, perhaps you do a lot of works silently, and it is a few jobs that do not have any interest and intense emotion to be being brought for you. But because you hold this kind of mentation, won't strive for the position that you are interested in hard, won't show your specialty and talent to boss more. Hope only your boss can the look that some day sees you work conscientiously, discover you then, promote you, and you discover you in him this " able person " before, what what do is bitter awaits again only.

Visible, the discovery that awaits other passively blindly is very absurd notion, especially your boss and even boss. Do not know how to many thing wants a consideration in their brains, how many relation wants to handle, the operating conditions of your diligent and conscientious spends them admittedly won't turn a blind eye to. But if count on him to be able to understand your real need, that can be an incredible story. Fasten so too innocent, clever way is the drive respecting property that affirmed you in the boss later, timely stress your real need, such instead can let him feel you are a person that understand his and fills self-confidence, appoint do not say with important task, the key is the job that you got you like truly.

Roadblock 2: Hope everybody likes him, too the assessment that minds boss and colleague, have a bit accident a bit self-condemned

Xiao Yu is the assistant of public relations ministry of foreign trade company. Perhaps be the reason as a result of working property, often want and the company's remittent person contact with. Dawn rain itself is an overcautious person, she knows very well work in big company of human relation important the consequence with gossip is a fearing thing, so she takes a heart everywhere, for fear that displeased colleague or boss, what to give birth to vimineous. To everybody she is to grant whatever is requested, smiling face photograph is greeted, never had said to the person all round " No " , she thinks her humanness plays originally can calculate going up is flawless, can not know why, gradually she became the office in most meet with a chill person. She feels doubt and grievance, because she feels oneself,do not have err anything, grant whatever is requested to others as a result of oneself instead, make oneself aeriform in the center did a lot of additional works, took up many time. Until one day, held out the colleague that be close friends to tell her reason with her once upon a time, just let her suddenly see the light. So as a result of her excessive and amiable, make the person feels she is hypocritical, cannot believe.
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