10 when duty field knows surely " diamond " state of mind
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● examines his ability correctly. Special current situation of China brought up large quantities of one young tall canals, the chance is quite good, but ability may not can be competent, right now from gold period decline come down may not is evildoing affection, after have one's head screwed on the right way, again wrestle is endless also.

● learns to dissolve angst with proper way, follow to handle on-the-job trade likewise more the friend communication of gold period, follow industry more. Circumjacent wisdom personage is contacted, win the heart prop up.

● continues to take advanced courses. Differ with other phases inside gold period, the premise that charges to oneself is to cannot affect the work, do not take off row, do not resign. If need to go abroad, learn to come back as soon as possible, although the boss is done not have,groom plan, also should persuade a boss to give you on-the-job the opportunity that take advanced courses.

What ● keeps enough is sensitive. Occasionally sensitive more important than ability, because the variable of big environment is too much, pay close attention to the competitor's tendercy closely, taking self-confidence to learn others, taking self-abased go surmounting oneself.

● encounters want to believe his when predicament, do oneself cheering squad. "Carry everything before it " , this " situation " be psychological energy accumulate.

● uses a profession gold period forgings duty field platinum bear force: Remain indifferent to other's opinion, yun Danfeng is light, mood is gentle, close suitably with the professional skill of natural and smooth writing, the heart that makes you is more powerful.

The biggest risk on ● duty field is he sees oneself low, feel I namely such, I go impossibly, perhaps see oneself current situation tall, feel everything all is mastering.

If ● feels already accomplished at the end of one's resources in an industry, go the ground with new open up, but the use that the core competition ability that should retain you gets continueing, new ground leaves " row " not far perhaps be " row " service.

● wants you only not rapid move abandons, the profession won't abandon you.

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