Duty field is human: Office association is clever use " psychology effect "
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Head because of effect

Head because effect is in human association bigger to the person's influence, it is the more important name in intercourse psychology. Person and person give a person the impression that leave in association for the first time, be formed in the brains of the other side and holding dominant position, because of,this kind of effect heads namely effect. We often say " leave next good impression to the person " , it is the first impression that point to commonly, there is an action because of effect here. Accordingly, in making the social activity such as friendly, invite applications for a job, to apply for a job, we can use this kind of effect, show a person a kind of famous figure, lay next good foundations to the following communicating. Of course, this is a kind of temporary behavior only in social activity, the makes contact need you hardware of deeper administrative levels is complete. This needs you to enhance the quality that waits for each respect in style of conversation, bearing, accomplishment, ceremony, can cause the negative effect of additionally one kind of effect otherwise, that is immediate cause effect.

Immediate cause effect

Immediate cause effect and head because effect is adverse, it is the impression that the person meets to stay for the last time in pointing to association, this impression also can be put in the brain of the other side stay for a long time. The friend that disappears for years, the impression in oneself brain is the deepest, it is actually just before parting the scene when; A friend always makes you angry, but mention angry account, can say only probably on two, 3, this also is the expression of effect of a kind of immediate cause. Use immediate cause effect, in part with the friend bright, give him good blessing, your figure can be in his heart beautification rises. Likely the life that this kind of beautification will affect you, because, you become a kind likely " halo " character, this is halo effect.

Halo effect

After you have good opinion to a certain person, the defect that can find him very hard exists, resemble a kind of aureola is in around move he, this kind of your psychology is halo effect. "Xi Shi goes out in lover eye " , the lover is in when be in love, find the defect of the other side very hard, think everything his is good, the thing that do is right, consider as even others the place of defect, looking in the other side also is to be indifferent to, this is the expression of kind of halo effect. Halo effect has certain negative effect, below action of this kind of psychology, you differentiate very hard had gone out with bad, true with bogus, be used easily. So, we are in gregarious process, "The heart that kills a person cannot have, the heart that prevents a person cannot be not had " , have certain fortify consciousness, namely fortify psychology of the person.

Fortify psychology
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