Do well with boss the nine doohickey of the relation
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Boss. Get along well with your boss, have huge effect to your body and mind, future. 9 criterion offer reference under:

1. Listen attentively to when boss speaks, want the idea that eliminates all making that you are nervous, absorption listen respectfully. The eye is looking attentively at him, burying a head, make a bit record when necessary. After he is told, you can think moment a bit, also can ask 9 questions, true lane knows its intent. Generalize the conversational content of boss next, state you already understood his opinion. Be sure to keep in mind, boss does not like the sort of thinking the person that slow, need exhorts repeatedly.

2. Concise and concise, report very choice, straight from the shoulder, clearly to boss somewhat namely. Preparing a record is a tweak. Make boss is inside shorter time, understand the entire content that you report. If must submit a detailed report, that had better get summary of a content in front of the article.

3. Discuss the proposal that a bit tactics does not deny boss puts forward directly. He may see a problem from some kind of angle, see certain and desirable point, did not seek your opinion possibly also. If you think improper, had better use the means of the query, express your objection. If your viewpoint is based on certain the data that he does not know or circumstance, the effect will much better. Do not be afraid of provide a bad news to boss, want to notice time, place, circumstance, method of course.

4. The problem that has solved him one's duty was not compared insoluble the employee of problem of him duty one's duty more make boss wastes time.

5. The image that maintains boss you often should leak new information to him, make he masters the trends of him job domain and current situation. Nevertheless, all these should be reported to him before attend a meeting, let him talk on the meeting come out, is not show off aloud when attend a meeting by you.

6. The subordinate that active job has experience is used rarely " difficult " , " the crisis " , " setback " wait for term, he calls difficult condition " challenge " , and formulate gives a plan to meet a challenge with cogent action. In the refer before boss when your colleague, want with a view to their good qualities, not be demerit. Will affect your reputation in human relation respect otherwise.

7. Abide by a promise

If a job of your acceptance did not cash, he can suspect whether you can keep good faith. When if the job is medium,you are competent hard really, want to explain to him as soon as possible. Although he can have temporary discomfort, but the dissatisfaction of the generation when wanting to compare final disappointment is close friends more.

8. Understanding what an intelligent and capable boss admires your boss is can deep ground understands him, know the subordinate of his desire and mood.

9. The relation wants measurable the position in you and boss unit is different, this want the know exactly about sth in the heart. Do not make a relationship excessive and close, be involved in of as a result in his private life. Maintain good relationship with boss, the working look that is as rich as you creativity, rich effect is consistent, you can fulfil your duty responsible, did best business for boss namely.
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