Duty field new hand repairs refine 8 great competition ability
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Everybody faces test of astringent final examination of duty field competition ability, the enterprise falls into disuse in employee on no longer show mercy, of new personality " be killed in battle is led " climb ceaselessly tall, how should be you done as new personality of field of a duty?

Simple for, a person succeeds very hard without special skill, but besides professional skill, still need successfully a lot of cooperate a condition, these conditions are you " competition ability " .

Different career level, need different competition ability. In every career level, you should establish the detailed account of a piece of competition ability, make good ego check at any time, fill on one hand strong oneself weak sports, come out strong point play on one hand.

For the people of a new type that enters a society in order to step, should active before 25 years old aggrandizement is following 8 kinds of competition ability:

Record of formal schooling

Alleged record of formal schooling, include department of the school, division, degree. If itself record of formal schooling is bad, one remedies a method is to go abroad to study abroad or enter oneself for an examination domestic Master class, with highest record of formal schooling " write off " previous poorer record of formal schooling. Especially domestic academy place is wide now open an entrance door, from " the Master is on-the-job class " arrive " industrial Master class " , want to take the master's degree that popular division is an academic school, all sorts of channel are multivariate and expedite. Another remedies a method is the job with wider bank of door of choice record of formal schooling, the company of science and technology that serves course of study, autumn partly for example, or northwest place enterprise, because inferior position is in on talent competition, also dare not ask to record of formal schooling too tall, might as well this kind of job accumulates preexistence regular qualifications and record of service, because " qualifications and record of service " should compare " record of formal schooling " more the canal is used.

Card is illuminated

Besides the industry such as law, accountant, medical treatment should card reflects ability hold course of study, include course of study of financial industry, information industry, real estate, hairdressing, meal course of study, fitness line of business at present these 7 industries, and the environmental sanitation branch of manufacturing industry, also move toward gradually " card is illuminated change " . If condition of your record of formal schooling is poorer, professional card illuminates the inadequacy that can make up for record of formal schooling.

Professional skill

What what foster during school is professional, it is the first pace that you step professional road only, the professional skill with a lot of industry peculiar place, the school cannot be offerred, can learn in working practice only. So, be in original " apprentice period " , pay pay is next, learn an opportunity ability is the most important, should regard the job as of the school outspread, regard director and senior fellow as fine division, resemble sponge kind modest study, of professional technology " Ma Bu " Caizade is firm.
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