The 4 big notes that exchange in the office
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With the colleague in the office dealings cannot leave a language, but can you talk? Common saying says " a word says the person jumps so that let, a word says so that let person laugh " , same purpose, but expressive kind is different, the consequence that cause is big different. What item should conversation notice in the office?

Do not want echo what other says, want to learn to give out oneself sound

Boss appreciate those staff members that have him brains and definite idea. If you often are what people says only,you also say the word of what, so you were ignored very easily in the office, your position in the office also very won't tall. Have oneself head, no matter you are in the position of the company how, you should give out your sound, should dare to speak oneself think of a way.

The word says well, avoid by all means chat with the person regard as controversy match

Get along with the person in the office should friendly, talking manner wants amiable, even if had certain level, also cannot talk with jussive snout and others. Although occasionally, everybody's opinion cannot be united quite, but the opinion can be withheld, principle to those not very strong issue, not was necessary to be contended for life-and-death. If blindly argumentative flaunt one's superiority, can allow work in the same placing stay at a respectful distance from sb.

Not be in the office in public play the peacock

If oneself professional technology is very excellent, if boss special appreciate you, can these make the capital that you show off? Have ability again, in on-the-job field career also should scrupulous, there is always someone stronger than a seemingly strong person. , if came which days a more able employee, then you make the joke of others immediately certainly. If which days of boss is additional gave you brushstroke stake, you cannot be shown off in the office more, others congratulations aside you while, also be in at the same time envy and hate you!

The office is working place, not be the room that each other tells worry

There always are such a few people beside us, they like to others pour bitter water. Although such talk,can pull the distance between close person and person very quickly, make between you become very quickly affable, kind rise, but the discovery after psychologist investigation and study, the person that has 1% only in fact can keep secret.

So, the life that becomes you appears individual crisis, if be lovelorn, marriage change and so on, had better not look for a person to pour out casually in the office; Make occurrence crisis when your labour, go up like the job not successful, to boss, colleague the opinion has a view, you should be not exposed to the person in the office more, the white-collar with mature any won't such " candid " .

Conversation should divide a circumstance, should have sense of property, the most crucial is good body. Neither haughty nor humble conversation manner, elegant limbs language, lively and nifty humour, these attribute the skill of the language. Of course, it is more important to have a minute of self-confidence, understand the art of the language, just can help you more self-confident. Use these language skill adeptly, your duty field career will be more successful!
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