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Beijing plans to establish code of a place, your low income person law can be obtained freely to serve when just when appeal to,putting forward to beg.

24 days, beijing the 6th times the conference listened to standing committee of 13 National People's Congress this municipal government about " Beijing law helps byelaw (draft) " specification.

This law sets in aid draft, because the family is violent,include to request judicatory aid, cause person to harm a request to compensate for because of the accident such as traffic accident, inductrial injury, the request gives social lowest the life ensure treatment, request to pay 8 kinds of circumstances such as solatium to fall, if party economy is difficult, want to offer relevant proof only, law helps an orgnaization ought to provide support.

According to draft regulation, still two kinds of party can apply for legal aid, namely because peasant worker worker requests to pay labor reward or inductrial injury compensation, and the citizen is ready to help others for a just cause because of carrying out behavior causes oneself to add up to right beneficial to be damaged.

As we have learned, economy is limitted difficultly, it is to show by governmental basis Beijing society admits truth, consult metric system of safeguard of life of lowest of this city resident announces corresponding standard surely, timely adjust. At present this one standard is left and right sides of 390 yuan of RMBs, there is difference between Beijing area.

When party puts forward law aid to apply for, inside 7 weekday since the day that law helps an orgnaization ought to accept application oneself, make the decision that whether provides legal support.

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