CEO of Indian foreign enterprise is beaten dead by remonstrant because of troubl
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India CEO of a transnational corporation, was beaten up by remonstrant a few days ago because of one origin trouble between labor and management to death.

According to England " financial times " report, graziano Trasmissioni India of company of Italian car component is located in India of Xin Deli outskirts one of garden of the biggest industry inside office division, produced force to protest incident a few days ago, this company presiding apparitor Lalite? Jisheer? Qiaoduli is beaten up to death.

To be solved one case long procrastinate not definitely dispute and with before employee undertakes meet, evolve into a disturbance, after remonstrant subdue ensures public security, turn and atttack Qiaoduli and its employee. Be beaten up except Qiaoduli to death outside, additionally about 20 people get hurt.

This has the assault event that produces in this company to be located in Greater Noida factory, because wage dispute fires 200 workers,concern with the company before this. This incident already caused the vigilance that is in company of Indian foreign country. After bomb happening many cases to assault incident in new this month moral character, a lot of companies already took step, increase the protection to employee.

Italian government expresses, the violent incident “ that dies to bringing about Qiaoduli feels astonish ” .

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