The home gets benefit to encounter contented gold becomes labour pains of group
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The home gets benefit: Ever never forced the king or emperor to abdicate Tao Jincheng

Say ” of total decline of latter “ collective gives an enterprise to bring labor pains henceforth choose cadre will not “ airborne ”

The home gets benefit supermarket to invest Fang Xinmeng to invest accreditation to arrive home so that benefit supermarket holds the position of to carry out the Lirong of trustee to promote a gentleman, obtain employment bound got benefit to invest square “ ” forcing the king or emperor to abdicate to leave a pass on a message that gets benefit a few days ago about contented gold into the group by the home, those who accepted a reporter is exclusive interview. Li Rongxing expresses to the reporter, about “ the view of ” forcing the king or emperor to abdicate exists far from, and the ” of “ labour pains that the home gets benefit supermarket to overcoming ” of total decline of collective of “ of Tao Jincheng group to be brought to the enterprise, progressively implementation transfers smoothly.

Tao Jincheng does not do “ vitrification ”

Li Rongxing says to the reporter, the delectable grade that we affirm to the home gets benefit supermarket to hold water 10 years to be obtained in every respect above all and home get benefit supermarket to be in a supermarket industry and the position that consume the market, otherwise, casting those representing capital is to won't take a fancy to the home to get benefit, denounce is gigantic endowment open what an equity of the company that get benefit buys in group hand from the city.

Li Rongxing tells a reporter, the view about ” of so called “ forcing the king or emperor to abdicate is have not a leg to stand on, the fact is the decision that group one-sided made Tao Jincheng leave a supermarket that get benefit, and we do not have “ ” forcing the king or emperor to abdicate not only, persuade Tao Jincheng group to stay again and again instead, finally, contented gold is determined to want to leave into the group, took the kind of ” of “ collective total decline, the battalion movement that causes a supermarket that get benefit, administration appears for a time vacuum, what affect a supermarket that get benefit badly is normal run.

To the reporter about why the doubt that Tao Jincheng group wants to leave the home to get benefit, li Rongxing expresses, the key is not doing “ vitrification ” at Tao Jincheng. The view according to Tao Jincheng is, investment firm should undertake only strategical investment went, specific management professional work does not want bother about, intervention; We give you every year financial forms for reporting statistics, each index of make known to lower levels of the board of directors that finish, you are packed pack, it is OK to sell with good value again. This kind of view to investment firm, won't do apparently.
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