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Before paragraph time sees CCTV Wang Lifen is chaired " we " among the program, invite 12 to obtain high school of United States of award of American president nomination to be born talk about its to live in China when the impressions of a month, among them somebody uses 2 words of “ terrible ” to convey its to experience. Although be visited person why to feel “ terrible ” without the explanation, my conjecture should be 3 respects: 1) the Chinese gets dreariness more; 2) Chinese person does a thing to be able to bear hardships especially, terrible; 3) most Chinese wants to get rich too, terrible. Associate to be in before China the experience that passes for the job, I want to use “ terrible ” to come appearance China humanness.

China humanness is much, terrible. I was 2003 when work of department of area of Hua Weina blame, the client often says for fun, you China humanness is really too much, be like every to open a container to come out a group China humanness. The fact is such also, in bureau square computer room, besides what install and debug equipment is use outside taking staff, still personnel of research and development, product department staff, market department staff waits.

China bed person can bear hardships, terrible. When Africa works, a lot of colleagues are risking the disease such as malaria, brain tumor menace and strike, rob, the safety such as staking is minatory, also work overtime on the weekend the job. The facilities that retains business having friend gave an issue in christmas, bureau the person of honest trade looking for friend goes rush to repair, the ability after the holiday such as answer of the other side sends person place to go to manage. Bureau just do not have method, can find only China humanness helps go repairing, china did not say for brotherly demur, the bureau square computer room that hurries off to hundreds of kilometers from base helps equipment of friendly business of rush to repair. Still have, china the brother that is headquarters supports strength to foreign market very big, large project bids or the technology tackles key problem, often be within call. Abroad have equation of time with home, the brother of headquarters often attends a meeting in the personnel of midnight and a gleam of.

China bed person wants to earn money, terrible. I graduated 2001, the main reason that choice China is I and my most classmate is China the money that is is much. Now China bed new employee pay is low, allegedly so a lot of new employee are willing to go abroad, the more hard place jumps over somebody, because difficult area is accessorial tall.

Perhaps because China the “ dreariness ” of humanness, just bring up today's China for. Nevertheless the situation of ” of dreariness of this kind of “ needs to cause China the vigilance to manage a layer.

1) of manpower cost and logistics cost rise ceaselessly, china to be in manpower resource respect besides the amount, return so that consider personnel quality and work efficiency
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