Bakelaike can cut down employee of 5000 Yuan Leiman
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Say according to firm of head of wall street hunt, after buying business of United States of part of Lei Man's brother, ba Kelai bank may be in England in what buying business branch highest cut down 5000 employee.

This is forecasted is to be based on what Bakelai is a likelihood to fire hire charge to allocate funds with add the lifting of 2.5 billion dollar and make, this means the stuff of branch of Lei Man's brother that is bought by Bakelai to will have an in part the likelihood is unemployed. Ba Kelai says, will in future 3 the middle of a month decide employee issues announcement cutting down the member of persons employed to what.

New York runs hunt head company high Beidaliya - Wensidu international (Battalia-Winston International) copartner tall. Beinate (Jo Bennett) say: “ basis buys consultative regulation, ba Kelai bank has authority to choose the staff that its need truly. ”

A total of employee of whole world of Lei Man's brother 20 thousand much person, domestic hind was bought to apply for to go bankrupt in what fail to find sum to buy this company last week protection. From July 2008 the portion is sub since mortgaging loan market breaks down, the whole world big bank and each stockjobber already incur the capital of 5220 much dollars is decreased write down and credit loss, cut down accordingly 120 thousand employee.

Ba Kelai obtained the United States to go bankrupt last weekend judicial approval, agreed to should buy what the United States below banner of Lei Man's brother trades and join a department to trade all right. Buy in this trade previously, the capital of Ba Kelai of negotiable securities branch below this banner (Barclays Capital) the employee sum total that is in America area already amounted to 5000 people to control.

Ba Kelai joins a department Rich Ricci of presiding operation official says: We are evaluating “ Lei Man's brother and employee of Ba Kelai capital are in what business side has jackknife truly, will single out the stuff that fits a certain post most. ”

Be in charge of Boyden Global Executive Search Ltd of hunt head firm high according to Beinate and new York. Of executive trustee Jeanne Branthover forecast, if Bakelai regards the charge that dismisses employee as the half that 2.5 billion dollar allocates funds, should cut down the member of persons employed at most soon 5000 people, cut down the member of persons employed the least 2500 people. Current, ba Kelai has not divulge this allocates funds how many will be use at dismissing charge.

Branthover says: Bank of “ Ba Kelai still is in the primary level that who evaluates to suit every post more. Buy in this in trading, may little Yu Magen connects the phenomenon that post overlaps to be ascended to Bei Ersi greatly buy, but will still have a lot of people the likelihood because this is unemployed. ”

Magendatong agreed to buy Beiersideng March, after this decides only add hires latter 45% in 14 thousand employee. In addition, buy in this in trading, magendatong still dismissed 4000 employee of own company.
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