Beijing University of data indication Tsinghua duty pay is added 3 into
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The newest statistic data that bureau of Haidian land tax releases shows, this year 1 to August, this city teachs individual income tax of industry accumulative total to achieve 780 million yuan, increase 72 million yuan compared to the same period, amplitude 10.17% . With Tsinghua, Beijing University two colleges are exemple, 1 to in August pay duty 120 million yuan, increase 27 million yuan, amplitude 29.03% .

Haidian area teachs individual income tax of industry put in storage this year 390 million yuan, hold whole town 5 into.

Bureau of Haidian land tax concerns chief analysis, teach the formation of atmosphere again as honour division, pedagogic pay increases generally. And citizen study consciousness increases, the demand that waits to attestation of reeducate of record of formal schooling, qualification is made of all kinds groom class and education of run by the local people are arisen, from teach a number to increase apparent. This exterior cent teacher uses strong point and off hours part-time job to give lessons, pluralistic income increase. Among them, only this city is famous the foreign language grooms school new east 1 to pay individual income tax amounted to fifty-three million four hundred and fifty-five thousand seven hundred yuan in August, grow 65.54% .

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