Chinese of 2008 whole worlds learns unripe ideal employer to investigate
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Afterwards and Sweden some company cooperates, successive after the pop chart of employer of global undergraduate ideal that 3 years be authorized releases his to roll out, this year " round-the-world " magazine and the sheet of newest 2008 a list of names posted up that this company releases jointly, the target the lock is in surely include group of abroad Chinese student inside global Chinese undergraduate goes up personally.

Accompanying the tide of globalization, of China and world blend increasingly thorough, group of abroad Chinese student also expands ceaselessly. As the main distinguishing feature this year, besides announce physiology of Chinese home university to think employer is ranked, the target group that Universum investigation regards independence as global Chinese student tries survey, generate a distinctive global Chinese to learn pop chart of unripe ideal employer. This exclusive accredit " round-the-world " a list of names posted up that the magazine releases is odd, the choose course of study that showed student of global now Chinese clear and intuitionisticly for us is watched.

The Chinese characteristic of sheet of a list of names posted up

Regard global ideal as the characteristic of a tradition of employer a list of names posted up, sheet of a list of names posted up is run will still investigate an object the lock is the undergraduate students that is about to graduate inside two years and graduate student surely. The survey this year is in 30 many countries, even more has the whole world in 20 much graduate, the Chinese inland part of investigation, involve 16815 students of 70 keys college. Like last year, the pop chart of Chinese inland reflected better stability, the appearance that industry of a list of names posted up has to fall greatly greatly on is not much.

Pass the scale of half than going, the student number of enterprise of foreign capital of the first selection in the survey of domestic ideal employer declines apparently this year, and the student amount that chooses state-owned company and government sector has bigger amplitude, discharge respectively in the student of the most yearning employer the 2nd mix the 3rd.

In pop chart of domestic ideal employer, inside endowment the company goes strong condition as before, before was being held 20 half of country (express 1) , besides China shift unplugs the 4th year so that the head prepares continuously outside, oil is mixed in before Chinese telecommunication is resided firmly again 10, and Bank of China and Baidu change raise rapid, before be being entered first 10, cent is listed the 4th with the 8th. In addition, the before a list of names posted up is odd 100 even more in the name 7 those who become on inside a list of names posted up endowment the enterprise has the growth with differ extent.

A notable phenomenon is, although state-owned give priority to inside endowment the enterprise is spent in domestic self-identity rising ceaselessly, but still fail on sheet of a list of names posted up “ walks out of ” country door. On the pop chart of other country, the name of a lot of transnational corporation appears repeatedly, if Google is in before each country in sheet of 10 integrated a list of names posted up and sheet of Chinese a list of names posted up,had appeared 6 times, its worldwide consequence sees one spot. Under photograph comparing, before 10 when before China 10 medium 5 mainland industries appear in other any country or sheet of area a list of names posted up without in.
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