Chinese workingwoman uncovers day to grind by cruel repair raw shady deal
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Flaw 100 Japan grinds the Chinese intermediary company that builds unripe system, black heart, it is to lead to Chinese workingwoman by the culprit of cruel tragedy

Gazette reporter Guo Yina sends international pioneer to grind from Tokyo long be born in Japan to get unfair treatment, the labour that be used just accepts a passport, buckle overtime of salary, requirement to work overtime wait for incident to see Zhu Baoduan often in recent years. Dan Man horizontal stroke is pushed dozen grind long give birth to such abominable incident, more rarely seen still.

According to Japanese Chinese media " new overseas Chinese signs up for " reported recently, 2005, a few when come from Hubei female trainees wash clothes in county of Japanese hill pear company “ grinds during repairing ” , be worked overtime for long by the requirement, every half an year can rest 3 days only, and the in part that gotten pay has an agreement only however. This company is checked to escape, still coerce they are written down those who got overtime and pay is perjured.

Female trainees fall in the circumstance that be driven beyond forbearance, requirement boss improves treatment, but the revengeful —— that sufferred a company however by forcibly repatriation. Mix in female trainees in the process of company make a stand against, japanese common people saw company staff chooses the one screen that hits them.

This matter exposed Japan to grind not only a lot of problem that builds unripe system, also be the epitome that difference of Japanese the rich and the poor helps the issue such as depression of big, economy at the same time. So, what is meant by after all grind build unripe system? Is its the outside and the inside how differ?

Changed of flavour grind build unripe system

Original, in Japanese grind long 2 words and Chinese meaning are basic and identical, point to namely groom, attend in a advanced studies, be not the pronoun that is simple labor. The definition that Japanese law builds unripe system to grinding is, japan's remarkable technology technical ability, the kind that carries take a refresher course imparts the youth of the developing country, contribution is made for the technical development of the motherland after expecting these people go back to the motherland, promote the technical communication of Japan and this country. Return “ of call it by a good name of this is Japan made international contributes ” .

From on 60 time end has the century, japanese enterprise begins to be introduced alone grind long unripe. The high speed that is worth Japanese economy at that time sends exhibition period, in those days, introduce grind long unripe basically is to garrison overseas international business and joint ventures, these enterprises to strengthen the competitive dominant position of company overseas, receive the employee in local employ Japan undertakes short-term groom.

But after 20 years, because be immersed in the influence of bubble crisis by Japanese economy, grind repaired unripe system to also change flavour, became each enterprise to answer the countermeasure of talent crisis. At that time, introduce grind long be born still basically is by big company monopoly, call “ company alone model ” . Enter on century 90 time, japanese government repairs unripe system to undertake editing to grinding, be in “ enterprise alone model on the foundation of ” , increased organization of medium and small businesses to be introduced jointly grind repair unripe “ party government ” . These grinding the “ that builds unripe course one year learn ” (fundamental vocational training) , after through Japan home skill 2 class take an exam, but ” of trainee of skill of translate into “ , visa also but postpone 2 years.
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