About getting the announcement of certificate of approval of 2008 year computer
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Each representative unit reachs an individual:
Requisition of achievement of exam of grade of foreign language of title of personnel of certificate of approval of exam of computer application ability, professional technology already began to get, the acting personnel that every enters oneself for an examination obtains significant result (see accessory 1, 2) , carry oneself please Id, " manual of job of representative of unit human affairs " or " agreement of human affairs representative " , cost of production of computer certificate of approval (3 yuan / this) , be sure to on August 4 - 31 days (except of general holidays day) to Jinan city room of representative of human affairs of talent communication service center is gotten.

Accessory: 1, list of computer certificate of approval 294 people
2, list of personnel of foreign language achievement 177 people, exam achievement 55 minutes of above (contain 55 minutes)

Jinan city qualified personnel communicates a service center
Two years on August 4

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