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2008 undergraduate course (contain undergraduate course) above record of formal schooling, and obtain bachelor (contain bachelor) this year's and average college of above degree is graduate, already dealt with in service center of communication of Jinan city qualified personnel " first settle, hind obtain employment " receive procedures, and the agent that works in region of Jinan urban district member, if need to fall registered permanent residence at Jinan city person,just communicate service center collective door, carry relevant data Wu please on August 16, 2008, communicated room of representative of service center human affairs to deal with relevant formalities to Jinan city qualified personnel on December 30.        
One, settle place requires data:
1 , " agreement of human affairs representative " ;
2, portion of graduation card original, Xerox 1 (B5 paper) ;
3, portion of degree card original, Xerox 1 (B5 paper) ;
4, report for duty portion of card original, Xerox 1 (B5 paper) ;
5, portion of original of agreement of graduate obtain employment, Xerox 1 (B5 paper) ;
6, " census register gets stuck " or " registered permanent residence is migratory card " ;
7, a inch of near future is black and white without hat photograph a piece.
2, settle program
1, agreement of representative of autograph subscriber mouth and affirmatory book;
2, fill in " service center of communication of Jinan city qualified personnel applies for door examine and approve a watch " , " collective registered permanent residence often lives population registers card " ;
3, after qualified personnel of the city austral economy communicates service center examine and verify and building official seal, report city public security bureau to examine and approve;
4, after examine and verify of classics city public security bureau is approved, settle personnel gets settle data to talent center please;
5, carry police station of youth park of settle material expect to deal with settle, 2 acting Id to change hair and relevant matters concerned.

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