2008 Jinan city " help up 3 times " plan recruit general rules
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Graduate of college of Jinan city recruit was engaged in to rural basic level 2008 " 3 are helped up " working general rules

Wait for a branch according to hall of human affairs of ministry of organization of provincial Party committee, province " good about doing the college is graduate 2008 " 3 are helped up " the announcement that plans executive job " (Lu Ren does 〔 2008 〕 82) requirement, now will graduate of college of Jinan city recruit reached a village 2008 basic level is engaged in raising religion, support agriculture, cure and help deficient up (the following abbreviation " help up 3 times " ) announcement of working concerned item is as follows:
One, recruit object and condition
(one) recruit object
The full-time of Jinan source of student that accords with post requirement is common the college is this year's the course of study that reach choose is sent period inside (2006 come to graduated 2008) not the record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning of obtain employment is graduate.
(2) recruit condition
1, political quality is good, have deep love for socialistic motherland, support the main line of the party and policy policy;
2, the record of formal schooling that drafts need of recruit post place and professional requirement. Among them, enter oneself for an examination raise the beard that teachs post to have card of corresponding teacher qualification or normal school kind graduate;
3, healthy, psychological quality is good, can get used to environment of work of rural basic level;
4, have mind of the dedication that respect property, abide by discipline is abide by the law, style is decent;
5, the other condition that drafts recruit post place to need.
2, recruit amount and post
City is the area below our city all previous, medium this year county of river of county of this world of county of city of grave of the city zone of area of area, pagoda tree shade, crossover area, all previous, long quiet borough, chapter, smooth shade, aid, business and development of new and high technology share 69 villages and towns 172 post recruit. Recruit post and post requirement detailed see accessory.
3, recruit method
This second recruit works by city " 3 are helped up " the office jointly with the county (city) area " help up 3 times " office organization is carried out.
(one) sign up
1, time signing up: In July 23 - 25 days, in the morning 8:30 - 11:30, afternoon 13:30 - 16:30.
2, method signing up: The kind that takes the spot to sign up undertakes, by each county (city) area " help up 3 times " office organization sets stall to be in charge of signing up in the spot about personnel with qualification test.
3, place signing up: Market of Jinan city qualified personnel 2 buildings (Jinan city classics 10 239, by 2, 33, 42, 81, 117, bus of road of K56, K109 stands to 5 lis of memorial archway get off) .
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