Jump wrong chamfer this how " renascent " ?
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Jump wrong chamfer this how " renascent " ?
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"Bovine city " in prices of stock market middle finger general and bullish, litres of big city with continuance longer time, this one term is on-the-job also nowadays in field stealthily arisen, a lot of people are used to annual 9, October find new job the height says to find new job bovine city. Some people hop smoothly in this ox city, better progress; Some people join odd group by accident, plunge trap, cannot extricate oneself, bovine city becomes Xiong Fu instead. In light of the case that refers a feedback from profession of career of exposed to the sun, fail because of thinking to find new job of late and come round to undertake the case that refer can be found everywhere. So, jump when us wrong chamfer how to do? From now on cannot recover after a setback? Be covered by adverse environment from now on prison? Have method solution to cover?

After finding new job actuationly...

Mike has experience of 5 years of works, it is the project manager of company of a software originally. At that time, the treatment that the company gives him is taller inside course of study of person of the same trade. But say normally, as experience and ability rise, his pay and position should get promotion, but rather, he had not gone up 2 years cross pay, and, as the elapse of time, mike more and more feel very difficult to acquire new thing. Wear soon he is afraid of inside short time is to do not have rising hope, mike thought of to find new job.

Regrettablly is the professional program that Mike did not have reason to oneself, finding new job however the high pay place that the middle of a month is promised by a small company moves, one impulse jumped. Just can discover when he shares the work truly, in new job oneself often by air aside. The boss often is interference to his job overmuch, and oneself thought gets very hard also fulfilling. Down to appears at ordinary times very at leisure. But Ike is the person that likes a challenge, go up in this post he more cannot get take exercise and learn. He wants to leave one's post, but unwilling, if going, such working status is overcome really again.

Find new job failure, 3 action " strike back absolutely "

Viewpoint: Hong Xiangyang of professional program expert - " certificate of qualification of professional program post " career of expert committee member, exposed to the sun is presiding professional program division

The gives Mike hesitation that we can see, the purpose that he finds new job is for high pay, it is to promote to a high office more, better to get take exercise. And although this present company went up pay, develop to oneself however and adverse, if continue to stay in this company, mike will leave his professional expectation further and further. To Mike, this finding new job basically is failure.
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