Does duty field charge to from where start?
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Does duty field charge to from where start?
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"Charge " this word very figure, hour of intense talent market competition is reminding everyone, must otherwise judges ground ego rise in value, use value as was being lost like the batteries of consume otherwise. The phenomenon that nevertheless the individual grooms blindly cans be found everywhere, how to just make can scientificly go out to groom practically plan?

The person is just like a machine, want to develop its optimal efficiency, have to cheer often for it add water, get with respect to meeting loss otherwise very fast. Perhaps you just just began professional career, perhaps you had been the old hand with old job, should remember be being added to oneself constantly only cheer, ability goes more suitable more on road of on-the-job estate development.

Are you beautiful how many time is grooming on?

Nowadays, be placed before people groom phyletic it may be said is full of beautiful things in eyes, everybody has played more or less a few. Future shows without the investigation statistic of care, should be asked about what once had attended to groom when the type, of 42.36% sufferred the person that visit to choose an enterprise to groom (see a picture 1) . As professional qualification attestation progressively infiltration arrives all trades and professions, attend professional qualification to groom for numerous suffer the person that visit to seek the target that hold in both hands, occupy 37.91% . Education of record of formal schooling grooms is the student's patent no longer already, the person that still has 21.37% chose education of record of formal schooling to promote an individual value. The foreign language grooms and IT grooms as groom currently the mainstream of the bound, still hold quite large share. Still a few suffer the person that visit to attend a driver's license to groom, quality system attestation grooms, communication skill grooms etc, although groom the project has each different, but can discover everybody is in try to pass one plant or a variety of grooming will raise oneself, whether is no matter groom,the result all like person meaning really, jumping-off place is first-rate.

Future still shows without the statistical result of care, in 2005, nearly the ginseng of half the number has been added 1, groom 2 times activity, groom suffer the person that visit to be occupied without what had attended 25.66% . Attended 3, the number scale that grooms 5 times is 18.80% , attend 6, 10 and even the person that 10 times above grooms is opposite less, have 3.20% only respectively, 4.45% . If say one year to groom mediumly,the frequency still cannot show the word of the problem completely, so weekly grooming on the time of expenditure, can groom from the individual with flank current show the current situation. Grooming every week go up to cost the 5 people under the hour to hold great majority only, scale is achieved 66.07% ; Cost 5, 15 hours for 22.70% ; Cost 15, 25 hours only 6.01% , attribute few number as to 25 hours of above.
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