Classical development program analyses the graduate student
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The hero pays no attention to one's previous experience. Really, one's previous experience of a lot of time and whether become a hero to have nothing to do. We see too much case, exactly like educational setting, almost similar growing environment, but the person that succeed and sorehead brush a shoulder and pass. From field of campus take office, it is the fellow student that what allows each respect difference is not big former days, turned completely different different into passerby? Look below these 3 example...

For the undergraduate that rushs about for the job than at present, the graduate student can say the advantage group that is obtain employment originally, but as talent high spending drop in temperature, add oneself choose job information of view, state of mind, obtain employment is not expedite wait for a reason, bring about the obtain employment road nowadays again not plain sailing, still meet even time and again be rebuffed, then " imperial daughter also anxious is married " the true portraiture that became many graduate students.

Face obtain employment pressure, how are graduate students answered? Is their life condition what kind of? 3 graduate students' different outlet add is writing the life way of themselves.

Obtain employment way 1: Reduce social status to expect duty field develops

Xiaocheng of typical case Master is very captious to the unit

Xiaocheng is western 2006 transmission learn some key university Master graduate student, applying for a job by the side of the exercitation side Beijing at present. Mention oneself the experience of to apply for a job that a few months come to, xiaocheng is anxious, she sighed to say to the reporter: "Seeking a proper job now is too difficult really! "Seeking a proper job now is too difficult really!!

Be graduated from what the Xiaocheng of an average college learns Hubei is physical major. "If do not read grinding word, I should stand on the classroom of a certain school to give students lecture now, is not still be working be anxious up to now. After the university graduates, I feel to still go from personal style of writing, entered oneself for an examination with respect to the decision now the graduate student of institute of this school news. " Xiaocheng tells a reporter so. Read grinding head two years, xiaocheng had not been anxious to apply for a job, it feel to no matter how compare undergraduate course always also,will come is good to feel to no matter how compare undergraduate course always also,will come apply for a job, the classmate that after graduating with those university undergraduate course, applies for a job will compare, there still is certain advantageous feeling in her heart. She still placed an end to oneself: Monthly pay 339 yuan, go comparing big city, and the development foreground of the unit also is close friends certainly.

By October 2006, first draft of the small Cheng paper that finish goes to Beijing later to apply for a job. At first, xiaocheng searched information of much media choose and employ persons on the net, also go to deliver of a few media resume, discover without him announcement can be applied for however, because mass media asks to have,experience from course of study, dan Xiaocheng does not have such experience however. Later, xiaocheng searchs the information of choose and employ persons of a few colleges again, discovery " the college of central city asks mostly doctor's degree " , some schools ask undergraduate course one's previous experience must be a school even.
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