Private profession career serves, of your profession career " private doctor "
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Alone orgnaization of program of beautiful profession career, consider the situation, resource of marriage mainland manpower develops a tendency, paralell connection added up to market of each old talented person, website, enterprise to advance the development of facilities of local power natural resources jointly, supported the problem of local talent competition ability in changing actively to be more than 1000 3 profession personages successfully to offer a profession to seek advice at the same time, among them 85% already gained success of level gender occupation on respective post.

This project characteristic:

1, effective and quick talent post recommends medium of communication -- alone excellent combination Yours Excellency each gift market, website and well-known company were built jointly alone beautiful talent obtain employment recommends a network, recommend post to you regularly.

2, whole journey traces mood private profession serves -- alone beautiful expert can become you the strong supporter that the profession develops, track your working condition actively regularly, help you sum up the working circumstance of on one phase, offer the specific proposal that works next, track constantly, assure your occupational shape up.

Suit a crowd:

1, if you are in the crucial period that the profession develops, to his profession development has factor of a lot of uncertainty, the hope gets more timely help, you can choose this service.

2, inside the time that if you are willing,is in a year with alone beautiful expert undertakes communication, communication, have picture " private doctor " same considerate service, you can choose this service.

3, if you have very good profession cause, but all the time suffer from cannot come true, in the process that you hope the expert participates in your target to come true, you can choose this service.

What can you get from inside service of private profession career:

1, the accurate, immanent individual character that evaluates you objectively, make clear your professional direction scientificly.

2, new conformity your individual ability, upgrade in the round your duty field competition ability, help you seek site of accurate occupational fixed position.

3, 5-10 year in the professional development that short-term progress plans to let you has target sex more, level sex target lets a profession develop to provide maneuverability more.

4, the industry is analysed with post state, make you lucidder to understanding of professional development foreground.

5, the specific aim of resume, interview coachs, let you show itself in apply for.

6, whole journey tracks type service, solve actuating pressure, environment to suit for you, the professional problem of each respect such as human relation, make you relaxed answer a profession to challenge.

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