"Airborne arms " why hasty discontinue?
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Adaptability problem is " airborne arms " the predicament that after entering a business, often can encounter, the watch is normally the following now 3 respects:

One, the culture of incommensurate new organization

Every enterprise has his peculiar culture, if we from the foreign enterprise, even abroad, or be " the sea returns " in introduce " airborne arms " , probable meeting discovers the problem on culture of a lot of companies. Chinese enterprise values human concern very much, very the intent that notices to comprehend a leader and idea, when attending a meeting, we speak carefully, for fear that offends a person. However, a lot of abroad answer comer or be the person that has worked in the foreign enterprise, do not get used to culture of this kind of company. They may be used to consider sth as it stands quite, call a spade a spade, this is additionally one kind of culture. Accordingly, some moment, they are in domestic enterprise, especially state-owend enterprise, may encounter such culture clash, produce the problem of adaptability.

2, the game of incommensurate new organization is regular

If your boss often wants a dinner party in the evening, door of a guest invited to a dinner party to help entertain the guest of honor drinks, and want your company, how do you do? Does the client let you drink can you reject to be not drunk? This is regulation of so called game. In China a such food are mixed the country with wine culture long history, drink having a meal is we talk about a link with essential business, it is the key of business success or failure even sometimes. Again for instance, in some companies, do not work overtime in the evening 9, at 10 o'clock, be not called hardworking, get right on the job, do not be willing to sacrifice to work overtime on Sunday to the company, do not be have the urge for improvement truly, mention oneself wife child easily in the company, expressing is a person that does not have ambition. Such game regulation and operation mode also are not everybody to be able to suit.

3, the influence framework of incommensurate new organization

In the civilian battalion enterprise of a lot of home, having familial management convention. The son is a manager, father is president, the mother is assistant president, the daughter is financial chief inspector, not scarce like so similar case. Enterprise of a lot of civilian battalion introduced husband of a few professions, professional handler should submit an expense account 50 yuan of money, want a boss to approve, result boss is absent, boss son signed. The son is in a company is a manager only, the boss is president, professional handler is general manager, the Zhang that did not think of general manager is odd, the manager is approved, because he is the boss' son. This kind of strange influence framework, very general in our civilian battalion enterprise, resemble the company of a lot of civilian battalion of Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian, this sort seems a phenomenon. Then, handler of a lot of professions enters the metropolis in such enterprise incommensurate.
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