18 issues that mind do not go 30 years old ago
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1, abandon

Assurance opposite abandons namely, chose an opportunity, be equal to abandoned other all likelihoods. When new machine
When can be being placed before, dare to abandon everything what had obtained, this is not fail to build a mound for want of one final basket of earth-fall short of success for lack of a final effort, this is not to quit, this
It is for seek bigger develop a space; Or whats are, because like,do so only, because, young namely most
Great opportunity. Person, be in 30 years old only before just can have this courage, have this sth used to one's own advantage, have this qualification.

2, be lovelorn

Not be to be absent, it is to care not to rise. 30 years old ago most the thing that is afraid that those who lose is not to had been had, dream however.
If love is a process only, so this age ought to be experienced, if want to assume a result, after 30 years old
, may more capable, more qualified. Actually, 30 years old before the business that we should do is very much, fleeting, over-
Long the ground is abandon in the riverbed that loves a river in what had dried up, should not with the life rhythm of this age.

3, lead a wandering life

Leading a wandering life is not a kind of misfortune, however a kind of qualification. Taking the advantage of without domestic room be a burden on, taking the advantage of healthy, do not wave right now
When to wave? Of course, those who lead a wandering life is not certain it is the body, perhaps be illusion and dream only. The fashionable cacique of new century is to wave one
Acting, yearning for what adrift person only does not wave is that heart.

4, unemployed

30 years old before the thing that the flavor with respect to savor unemployment is a misfortune of course, but not be evildoing certainly. 30 years old before
Secure prematurely go up in a profession eventually this lifetime just perhaps is the biggest misfortune. Unemployment perhaps lets you remember bury is very long
And dusty dream, perhaps can wake up the potential that never knows even yourself. Perhaps you dream with respect to it doesn't matter originally, this
Moment also is met * is worn you go daydreaming.

5, evaluation

The sacrifice that we should make least of all alters ego because of the evaluation of others namely, because of the person that those gesticulating
Oneself also do not know what the regulation of their comply with is. Must not comply with custom works, custom still is in creation,
The judgement that wants him foundation does each thing, although such meetings are a bit more troublesome.

6, dilettante

If every look " peaceful calm Buddhist nun restrains number " shed tear, every look " boast swims on the west " laugh continuously not to rise
Waist, laugh at you with respect to meeting somebody dilettante. The nerve that can show you only then actually as before special acumen, even if,be opposite very faint thorn
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