Middle-level handler develops " Chinese traditional medicine effective prescript
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"360 ° " middle-level handler

Respecting plywood is angry, respecting in a dilemma, what is what people thinks of above all? Be in the man among wife and mother, be in the middle-level handler between high-level leader and subordinate employee...

John work laboriously establishs a sale channel, but close nevertheless as a result of the quality of the product and cannot create tall sale. What the boss blames is John however this market manager, and signal does not talk without outstanding achievement other.

The selling manager Linda that makes success eventually is forced to leave one's post, the reason is the at hand that she takes single-handed " rebel " .

Xiao Xiao establishs initial stage to become financial director in the company. Went 5 years, the scope of business of the company expands ceaselessly, origanization construction also registers a company to develop the group of countrywide limits by what be in Shanghai so. However while the company grows, be like the position of dawn and did not promote subsequently, financial financial chief inspector changed responsible entire company again, total however also annulus be less than him. Under disappointment, xiao Xiao submitted resignation.

... ...

alleged middle-level handler is done hard, each have each trouble.

Middle-level controller is the firm rock in midstream of the enterprise, although their every act is not affected directly the strategy of the enterprise and decision-making, it is the basic safeguard of company executive force however. Their with one one's heart endeavors to finish the job, of the understanding that still cannot get employee possibly and leader approbate, face those who come from firm other department to do not deserve to close even at the same time, the client's dissatisfaction and doubt... middle-level handler suffers 360 ° " converging attack " . Its result often is, middle-level handler not only bore grouse, the likelihood still hurt his profit because of this. People should call pardonable middle-level director greatly: "In crack, how a difficult word Oh! How a difficult word Oh!!

Come down to think calmly however, "Crack " medium handler is done hard, but be done hard,also want to do. Handler should if where,be in oneself in crack and Where is the development with taller seek?

Middle-level handler develops " Chinese traditional medicine effective prescription "

Middle-level handler is every company needs some post, also be the estate of company hard core, propose an organization in those especially compressed the company performance that turn is more apparent. Inside the company that compares standardization in, no matter be you,be function branch chief (for instance: Manager of manager of market manager, selling manager, product, research and development, customer service manager, manpower resource director) still be section chief (manager of large area chief inspector, large division, district director) , even the senior staff such as general manager of the chief inspector of title of a few companies, branch, belong to middle-level handler. We know: The development future of a company, in the final analysis depends on the quality that runs a group, and the quality of middle-level administrator and ability concern directly the success or failure of this company and promote decline. So, middle-level handler has quite important sense to a company.
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