Professional career plans, the life strategy that nots allow to ignore
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Professional career program is a very old idea, it is to show individual and constituent photograph are united in wedlock, be opposite of one individual profession career advocate external condition undertakes determining, analysis, summary, on the foundation of research, define struggling goal of its first-rate profession, make the arrangement of effective to achieve this one goal. Actually, professional career program can differentiate for different level:

Professional fixed position: Do I suit what to work do? Do I suit what to major read? Etc

Professional transition: I do not want to do present work, I think the work that do cannot be found again.

Professional bottleneck breaks through: I go up in this seat already very long, it is very difficult to want to go further, how should do next?

Find new job: Each respect such as present working environment, human relation, pay I am dissatisfactory, want to trade a better unit, but so much of enterprise of invite applications for a job, I do not know to which choose.

The profession is bemused and analytic: The job has a lot of as the place of meaning, I also do not know the problem goes in where, how be solved?

The profession plans to serve: Myself has bid of a duty, but how to know to come true? Face the job and life, I do not know how to be in the center find a balance...

Professional psychology seeks advice: The enormous pressure of complex human relation, job makes my body and mind tired out, I this how effective dredge?

Suit a crowd:

Alone orgnaization of program of beautiful profession career differentiates professional career progress give 3 level:

1, differentiate by age estate;

2, differentiate by professional administrative levels:

3, by management administrative levels differentiates.

Whole journey ensures individual profession career develops a success. Specific and character, if you are belonged to below one of the circumstance, you can choose our relevant service, seek a help.

1, fill in a form and submit it to the leadership of the university entrance exam is volunteer, do not know to choose which major to perhaps want to turn in school undergraduate professional, but do not know to turn to which again professional.

2, if you had done a few works, but the job that has not found the stability that can make you long-term throw.

3, if you have the bewilderment on any professions or pressure, do not know how to be solved.

4, if you face new opportunity, going and stay between indecisive.

5, if your want to charge in the job, increase oneself capacity, but do not know to which attend again can some groom.

6, grew like the experience that wants you, ability rose, need locates afresh and produce development direction truly.

What can professional career program bring to you?

Alone beautiful profession adviser will divide a measure to design those who suit you is medium short-term profession develops a program:
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