Had you established 5 years of programs of professional career?
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The first after graduation 5 years, it is 5 crucial years, this period is life occupational starts dot, be from what leave campus to begin to march toward and stand year period, also be the period of professional career found. If established professional program ahead of schedule, the lock decides his professional target and specific position, there will be in professional career good germinant, the road open up that is the profession from the back a wide perspective; If do not do professional career to plan to enter duty field, one bumps east, one bumps on the west, bump will bump, etc 30 come year old when, and stand year, establish great cause hard, had looked round, professional career step is disorder, orbit is bent for a turn go curve, even after more than 30 years old, forgive a big group, return more than 20 years old of getaway origin again. Think again forward, have difficulty walking however, not know what to do. After somebody struggled a few years, still return again start at the outset dot, thoroughly stray. Often happen vague, hesitation, bottleneck, helpless, stand in crossroad, the left and right sides sways, stride do not move a step, cost of the time on compensate, the youth that wastes also searchs not to come back again.

Grand power professional adviser case 1:

Zhang Qian learns the computer, parents chooses this major for her, reason is very simple, it is the future that the computer is the mankind, the person that gets software is very popular for certain. But, in the university, zhang Qian becomes aware he is logistic thinking is not strong, not be the material that makes software, study energy is insufficient, grade is very average also. After graduating 2002, still enter company of software of look forward to of one family property through the relation, did 2 years of programmer, but oneself are done this piece fact is again badly in the program, the computer is newer too fast, oneself also do not have so much energy to beg into, one is to feel him age is not small, technology or backwater not before, will tell to IT course of study is one has green rice industry, oneself are a female, the technology is not a strong point. Hear a classmate to do ERP the sale is pretty good, the heart thinks him eloquence is good, love to make friend, communication capability is strong, should go making a sale, begin to make ERP sell then, but, starting the market also is not easy thing, that classmate does two years earlier than oneself, market area is large, outstanding achievement nature is good at oneself, zhang Qian psychology is very lopsided also, standing by to 30 years old every day plus the age, marital problem, darling problem, place in at the moment, redo is sold already ability not equal to one's ambition, oneself feel future of true it doesn't matter. The past with rapid lustrum, a few classmates had accomplished the director's position, a few classmates to become the main force of software industry, and oneself will do what work next, how should arrange oneself? Zhang Qian feels spellbound be at a loss, come then grand power the profession is advisory, seek advice from division help to solve a problem please.
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