After OL comes off work, ask pressure " segregation "
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In experienced a day to be hit intensely after going all out, the intense sentiment of place of meeting general work brings back many duty field go-between in the home, in returning the home, still cannot loosen. If produce this kind of situation, try the following 10 kinds adjust method, they can help you adjust the position that occupy the home from office condition:

10 kinds adjust method, let you adjust the position that occupy the home from office condition

1, take the job in the office

In the home bringing back the job as far as possible when coming off work (even if be forced to do, cannot exceed in the job in the home every week two night) .

2, prepare to come off work ahead of schedule

In next two hours front row a detailed list, make clear what is the work that you must complete today, what job can stay wait for tomorrow. Such you have enough time to finish the job, reduce the job thereby afraid.

3, one is placed in abode doorway sundry box

Buy or make a big basket or it is wood box, put it in abode doorway. After walking into a door, stand be about to portfolio or it is kit bag is put inside, it is not touched before going out the following day absolutely.

4, sit quietly

In sup, gym takes exercise or going is before adopting a child, spend on 3 ~ 5 minutes to close an eye to do deep breathing. Imagine move general fresh air is inspiratory and abdominal, waste gas complete expiration. Can regain consciousness so brains, the pressure that debus works.

5, write down difficulty

If very great difficulty is encountered between the job, after coming home, still cannot loosen, so take the first stroke of a Chinese character and paper please, the difficulty that encounters place at a heat or it is unpleasantness is written down, that piece of paper after be being written tears down refuse.

6, found some kind " ceremony "

Found to oneself some kind " ceremony " , it is bound general with it everyday the job and domesticity are apart. This kind " ceremony " can be the issue that discusses the school with the child on table, also can be to drink lemon juice of on one dock-glass...

7, will clear away in the home neat

Desultorily the sense that the home can give you a kind of out of control, magnified thereby diurnal pressure. On the flower before sleeping 5 minutes clear away abode, the following day you can return the home of a neat grace.

8, music of have the aid of

Preparing dinner, pay, zhang sheet or be a few music that oneself like are put when washing the dress. Lively, Orphean music can give you to add many pleasure when dry housework.

9, reasonable arrangement housework

If want to do all chore between one night, you can feel insecurity and anxiety naturally. Contrary, if can reasonable arrangement or be take a few chore to on the weekend reconditioning, loosen a method with respect to what can make do what housework makes the work.
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