Labor contract law will give detailed rules interval not to calculate to a year
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"The labor contract law that the country is about to publish carries out detailed rules, will make clear the time-interval between fixed labor contract 2 times to want dissatisfaction one year only, count successive labor contract, that is to say, twice only labor contract concludes the interval of time exceeds a year, ability counts ' discontinuous ' contract. " a few days ago, I save courtyard of law of Normal University of expert of famous labor law, Fujian to teach Wu Xianggong, in productivity of the Fuzhou City stimulative association holds " labor contract law " groom afore-mentioned information leak on the class.

Wu Xianggong points out, " labor contract law " regulation, unit of choose and employ persons and laborer establish even renew one's subscription 2 times fixed labor contract, and the condition that laborer sets surely without the law, of contract of labor of renew one's subscription, laborer puts forward or agree with renew one's subscription, conclude of labor contract, put forward to conclude except laborer outside fixed labor contract, ought to conclude without solid calm deadline works contract.

To this, units of many choose and employ persons fear this case will appear in fact " iron rice bowl-a secure job " , because this a few enterprises are used,work is secured in first time termination of contract and be about to conclude the 2nd times of fixed labor contract when the mouth, intended defer concludes the 2nd times the time of labor contract, conclude in order to create work twice between the contract the case with discontinuous time, build accomplish sth fact to go up thereby " discontinuous " , be forced to be signed with laborer in the future with avoid without contract of fixed deadline labor.

Wu Xianggong points out, afore-mentioned practices of the enterprise are belonged to read by accident, the executive detailed rules that is about to come on stage will make specific provision to these problems.

In addition, dr. Wu expresses, the day that labor contract law implements formally has not been had much, unit of choose and employ persons is current urgent affairs ought to be the work discipline that perfects his as soon as possible and regulations system, these will become unit of choose and employ persons and laborer to conclude labor adds up to coinstantaneous legal accessory, have legal effect. (Reporter the Song Dynasty shines to Hong Chenhong)

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