Legal holiday is adjusted should respect opinion of most society member
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The country develops innovation appoint when chief is aimed at partial masses to have different opinion to adjusting plan, express, different society member is having the interest point of view of oneself, holiday is adjusted accomplish impossibly make everybody satisfactory. On this problem, want to respect the opinion of most society member.

This chief says, from now on second the result that seeks an opinion looks, in country of most masses support legal holiday adjusts plan while, one part masses is right also adjusted plan to offer different opinion, basically center in the following respects: It is to suggest to be in maintain " 51 " have a holiday while day of number is fixed, increase traditional holiday to be legal holiday; 2 it is to increase the Spring Festival to have a holiday appropriately day of number; 3 it is to still have a few opinion proposal general festival of lanterns, heavy in relief division add for legal holiday. These problems rise centrally in light of, basically was to mirror numerous people to hope to win the will of more holiday, to this, we understand adequately. In actual life, always involve all society community the policy of personal interest, accomplish impossibly mostly allow authority the opinion is completely unanimous, because different social member is having the interest point of view of oneself.

This controller points out, we think, in the country legal holiday adjusts a problem to go up, want to respect the opinion of most society member above all. The opinion that returns from this place and branch and state of affairs of network questionnaire investigation look, the opinion that has more than 3/4 on the whole is held with and support national law to decide holiday to adjust plan, although arguing bigger adjustment " 51 " there also is netizen of more than 60 % to express to support on holiday problem. Since holiday is adjusted,accomplish impossibly make everybody satisfactory, should respect social great majority the person's opinion.

Next, to the opinion that a few masses offer and proposal, want to undertake concrete analysis. Decrease about tone " 51 " holiday problem. Look from the opinion of feedback, social part public opinion is right cancel " 51 " golden week report is stronger, basically be afraid " the worker takes salary year off regulation " cannot get fulfil effectively, decrease have long holiday to will affect activity of degree of relationship of long-distance travel, explore, bring about at the same time " 11 " with Spring Festival holiday more crowded. We think, " the worker takes salary year off regulation " after coming on stage formally, want to get in whole society the likelihood needs a course be executived generally. We believe, as our country economy rapid development and social civilization progress, below the joint efforts of whole society, will have more and more mechanism and enterprise or business the belt that the unit can fulfil good worker firewood is off system.
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