To apply for a job: President of golden hill software admonishs student
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Lei Jun of president of golden hill software admonishs undergraduate: Have start work dream, early, know a method

Have a dream

"Had you wanted to you can sit to today's position when the university graduates? "Had you wanted to you can sit to today's position when the university graduates??

"I am a bit mad at that time, my software installation that dream even if should design me arrives in each the individual's computer. " Lei Jun says, cong Leijun enters an university to began him to putting such dream with respect to the bosom that day.

"In my impression, resemble hearing more than 1 waiting for a lot of celebrity become famous in the university, what I also think the opportunity that uses an university proves me at that time is outstanding. " Lei Jun begins to attend self-study class the first when walk into Wuhan university computer science department so night. He went at 7 o'clock every morning the classroom takes a place, always should sit in best locally attend a lecture.

"I am special fear to lag behind, once lag behind,be afraid of, I am not chased after, I am not a person that in be good at adversity, lives. I can consider an issue very lucid first, the purpose is not to let his be immersed in adversity, I am to let him remain invincible above all, next, the person that sets out again. " be in an university when, because fear,the time that other classmate uses siesta acquires new thing, lei Jun even the habit siesta give up.

Had a dream prop up, the course that Lei Jun built an university two years 4 years. He tells our newspaper the reporter to he reads produce the expected result of The Book of History is, if that class is more important, he attends the class of 1/4, that lesson is not quite important, he attends the class of 1/8. "We want those who understand to do is the marrow of a course. " Lei Jun says. This perhaps is a good method really, university one grade, lei Jun obtained result of annual class first.

A lot of after year, somebody evaluates the Lei Jun that has become golden hill president to lead golden hill is a mad person is taking a flock of mad people to be in a secretary in charge of sth. Thunder army response says, not was terrible to dreamy insanity.

In May 1996 portion, lei Jun leaves golden hill, stayed in the home 6 months. The golden hill of that period, what had lost WPS to bring is brilliant, walked up to rely on tool software to live the narrow road that come down, also entered the most difficult period of business development. If not be to still have a dream, he won't return golden hill possibly again, also won't create golden hill today's brilliant.

Early start work

"The so much class in the university do not go up, where do those time use? Where do those time use??

"Advocate if do,ponder over a few specific issues of a few practicality. " Lei Jun says. He discovers whose exam gets the university at that time the first not important, crucial is the ability of practice.
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