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Have the personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty with a lot of largish ages, after leaving former unit, appear for a time the spellbound, feeling that be at a loss. Among them very big the job that one part person does not wish or self-distrust continues to was engaged in accumulating rich experience and skill, the strong point that yields oneself continues to develop. The reason is very simple, because " unemployed, with respect to the specification I am no good " .
Face the obtain employment market with intense competition, these are faced with the personnel of to apply for a job of obtain employment 2 times, the biggest doubt in the heart is " how obtain employment " , " toward He Fang to obtain employment " , " I can be competent " ... an another problem, meantime more or less under cover is right of working ability not self-confident. In this kind subconscious drive below, they often can seek a few skill the post with onefold, big demand.
So, the personnel of unemployment of come off sentry duty with older age, suit to do these works only really? The member that serve as a vocational guidance, should make to their 2 choose course of study guide correctly. Should understand the individual before him to experience more above all; What give him much point in mentally next is placatory, pull boast of some of the daily life of a family, boast for instance his glory history etc, can let feel better of the feeling in his heart a few, avoid to be immersed in in to apply for a job " unemployed " shadow cannot extricate oneself; Want to search the post that with its skill photograph matchs actively for him finally, correct fixed position of his to apply for a job. It is the course that I help some unemployment personnel undertake true vocation locates below:
Gao Mou is nearly 50 year years old, originally in some state-owned company does storehouse keeper. Because the enterprise is disbanded, he must unemployment comes home, feel very frustrated with dismay. He expresses, the hope can seek the job of and so on of security personnel, entrance guard, because he feels doorsill of this kind of job is inferior, also can assure main income.
After the think of a way that knew him, I pointed out he knows an error that go up above all: "Ensure public security " what position asks not to imagine like people actually is low in that way, most enterprise asks security personnel is veteran, the age is in 20-30 year old between, have the mount guard letter of security personnel. So, he wants to be engaged in " security personnel " working idea and market demand have a space. Listened to this my introduction, gao Mou is behaved very depressedly at a draught. I am informed in chatting with his continuity, he once had been become arms, and dry is communication arms, had learned an electron yuan the installation of parts of an apparatus repairs knowledge, after retiring from army although do not have the job that pursues this respect, but he likes to move back and forth at ordinary times electronic product. Then, I suggest he mights as well face " electron yuan parts of an apparatus is produced or maintain " this direction tries, the position that still recommended a few electrons to maintain a respect at the same time gives him.
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