Find new job to get unemployed insurance gold hard often
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Because change the job too frequent, cost of unemployed insurance pay is accumulated hard full 1 year, many unemployed personnel cannot get unemployed insurance gold. Town work and management center of settle accounts of insurance of unemployment of social security bureau disclosed yesterday, this year first half of the year, the our city shares 18067 unemployed staff explain get unemployed insurance gold, among them 5992 people did not pass qualificatory examine and verify, the reason is inadequacy of fixed number of year of expenses of accumulative total pay 1 year.

The year before last year of college graduate Xiaochen entered new harbor developing zone in June some foreign enterprise works, be less than half an year to resign. Recuperate a glass is applied for to produce a business after a few months, did 3 months, not when become a full member to find new job again. This year in May, when department of labor of small Chen Lai applies for unemployed insurance gold, already had two years " length of service " he, unemployed insurance accumulative total has 10 months only between capture take time. And press a regulation, the unemployed personnel ability that has 3 requirements at the same time gets unemployed insurance gold, be in unit and oneself to already fulfilled capture to expend obligation according to the regulation namely full 1 year; Already dealt with unemployment to register, have demand of to apply for a job; Because him apiration interrupts obtain employment,be not. Because Xiaochen does not accord with the first condition, cannot enjoy unemployed insurance gold.

According to introducing, from first half of the year explain get situation of unemployed insurance gold to look, the applicant condition that great majority did not carry examine and verify and Xiaochen are similar, graduation has comparative for some time, and do not grow however between take time of capture of actual working hours, unemployed insurance, short of enjoys the condition of unemployed insurance gold. Exchange labor makes general need bridging time, and units of many choose and employ persons want to wait for probation to just give employee pay unemployment insurance cost completely, find new job often accordingly, can affect what unemployed insurance capture expends to accumulate. For this, labor department warns a citizen, find new job should discreet, not when after losing the job, discover oneself cannot get unemployed insurance gold again.

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