3 kinds of post are badly in need of wanting choose and employ persons to serve
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3 kinds of post are badly in need of professional introduction center choose and employ persons

3 kinds of post that are badly in need of choose and employ persons are respectively: Serve worker of personnel, machining personnel, production.

Last week demand, apply for pop chart to be respectively:

Before demand 10 post is: Secret of worker of service personnel, sale personnel, machining, assistant, production, chef, article, security personnel, financial personnel, administrator.

Before applying for 10 post: Secret of personnel of service personnel, assistant, sale, worker of machining, production, financial personnel, article, administrator, security personnel, chef.

The post that this week Yantai city is badly in need of recruiting in news of network of professional introduction center has 10 kinds: Business manager, machining, sale personnel, electric engineer, han Yu is translated, house property broker, clerk, planar design, money is met personnel, dress is designed.

Talent market serves kind of talent slow down in demand

Last week, many 200 enterprise enters invite applications for a job of mart of Yantai city qualified personnel, offer post in all 3200 many, to apply for a job of 5000 much person-time entering the arena.

According to the analysis, post requirement measure continues to climb last week litre: Demand of sale talented person has a bit increase; Serve kind of talent slow down in demand 8 percent; Design, industry kind the talent decreases somewhat; Person with ability of management, mechanical, computer has relatively substantially increase; Mechanic, money meeting, car kind the talent also has fixed rate rise.

The demand pop chart of talent market is below:

Before post demand 10 is: Electric power of design of rear services of market sale, service, management, mechanical, computer, mechanic, financial accounting, advertisement, auto industry, electron.

Before post furnishs 10 is: Factory of sale of design of commerce of house property of electric power of the computer, financial accounting, mechanical, electron, building, management, banking, advertisement, market, industry.

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