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The foreign enterprise is a lot of to apply for a job undoubtedly person first selection. So the threshold that crosses a foreign enterprise when you, how should get along with foreign boss after all? Whether can you have a few special contraindication? For this, our specially introduces the characteristic of different citizenship boss for you.

French boss is special " persnickety "

French very the country that has deep love for oneself, although they praise China, plaint Chinese Great Wall, but perhaps in their eye neither one place compares France more beautiful.

French boss is special still " persnickety " , mix at ordinary times when problem of staff learn from each other by exchanging views, to crucial technology he always takes reservation attitude, do not know they are to want to let Chinese employee not be eager to hope for success really, oneself fumble, still be afraid that the Chinese is clever, the technology was gotten by others, their rice bowl with respect to him most likely. Still hit the enthusiasm of employee a bit really occasionally.

When French boss works, mix when be not the job, be like two different people simply, on the job they sometimes exceeding him distrust employee. Ginger young lady is in charge of financial work in the company of compatriots of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household, but she always feels the boss is very not trustful to her, items of an account is about two days every examine and verify, it is every time one a centrosphere is right, and be in other company, boss of such items of an account is do not spend an end personally, or reads items of an account to the boss with respect to bottom of every month in and month out. As a result of such, ginger young lady often appears not to think dry idea, but come off work hind, the boss often invites she and other staff very enthusiasticly one case again in all sup, attend y of t of  of p a r , let a person feel particularly kind, this gave up again the think of a way that she does not work.

British boss compares praise highly " culture "

Culture adores most in British company allegedly. As to " haing Li Bote " those who be in China is bright red big violet, criterion more the killer mace that became foreign affair of British gent culture, meet the person says, the experience when the atmosphere in school of the blackart in the book and his elementary school has how to resemble. If you can have personal feeling to British culture, can combine oneself experience to give its brillant point, british boss is met certainly and your knot is a bosom friend. And they also can tell you, blended in company culture only, ability develops the individual and company development be in harmony is an organic whole.

In the office, british employer forbids to wear the jeans, sneaker absolutely, but also do not ask you must wear suit, should match only decent can. In wintry day pants, maxi is unavoidable on the west, this also is culture. They plaint via regular meeting, "Decent move installs the taste that is not confined to your individual, also must accord with the environment all round and custom " . Because " external affairs does not have bagatelle " .
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