To apply for a job: The wise move of talent of invite applications for a job of
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The talent retrieves in the user

The coverage that servantchooses a person for a job about Microsoft is very much, if leader of company high level includes to compare Er · Gates to share invite applications for a job personally occasionally,work, and the interview means of extraordinary. Actually, this company's biggest secret of success is the talent retrieves in the user. On the website of Microsoft, every months 12000 many users login, they basically are examination data. Microsoft is made up have a special program, responsible statistic gives the keyword that user place uses. Can analyse this person to whether have taller computer technical ability from statistical result (whether can use C language for instance) , basis retrieval lists as a result object of invite applications for a job. Of course, call even interview comes before inviting them.

The group type invite applications for a job of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty

Company of American inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty is the whole world business of the 2nd old software. For recruit talent, regular meeting of classics of company of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty has with great quantity, the action of all student all that Ha Fo for instance the university manages a class some is entered. To develop software independently, company of inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty has a team of powerful research and development, the number exceeds 2000. Of extraordinary is, team of this research and development is divided into 40 groups, each group comes in with group kind invite applications for a job.

The meeting is outspread reach the office

Invite applications for a job is enterprise and to apply for a job person the process of mutual discovery. The United States wears Er company to roll out device of conversation of a kind of video, the relevant professional in asking to pass the applicant of first try and firm office undertakes talk. This saved cost, accelerated a process, remedied the flaw with written or not deep impression of electronic personal details.

Encourage employee to recommend a talent

Intel has a medium of communication of special invite applications for a job, it is employee recommend. Its advantage depends on, existing employee is very familiar to Intel, and also have certain knowledge to his friend, be based on the understanding of this two respects, he can have to hold basically, whether does the individual suit Intel then, won't succeed in Intel. This is compared only the interview of two hours should be gotten effectively much, each other understanding also should be gotten greatly much. If recommended very outstanding person, this employee still can receive the Jian ability award that the company sends.

The talent discovers in the exercitation

Treasure clean company started to be in in Beijing University big the plan hiring talent of trainee of 3 students invite applications for a job, if performance is superior, will recruit formally when graduation. Combine Li Huaqi to move summer camp to plan, in the choose inside countrywide limits outstanding student, invite them to see a field trip to the enterprise in summer vacation, let them understand the culture concept of the enterprise as far as possible. Bilateral and acceptability, make an appointment with the autograph when graduation.
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