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I am an undergraduate that just graduated from the university, this summer vacation did not go less invite applications for a job is met, also go interview a few companies, but also always do not have a company to my beck, before two days want to try to apply for a job on the net, went sending a few resume on the net, saw this article inadvertently, to resembling me still be very helpful for such duty field new personality, also hope to having likewise confused person to have a look with me, grow a few experience.

Do not understand advance preparation of all sorts of states of obtain employment market, lack, regular meeting suffers slippery iron Lu. Apply for a job actually can very happy, as long as everyday diligent the 10 great happy regulations at reading aloud the article, wrap you to be far from miserable to apply for a job period.

Understand oneself to be take root this

If you still are in perplexed " who am I " , " what do I want after all " , " why should I work " wait for a problem. Suggest you think thoroughly at once, self-communion, read, consult parents, division commander, experts, defect of the character that understands him understanding only, actor, special skill reachs prospective goal, ability finds a job that suits his, the voice that hears him heart seriously now.

Self-love self-confidence is go out for a battle this

Doing not have a person is perfect, only everyday self-discipline, right oneself have hope, confront oneself actor weakness truly, him love just can love job of others, love, ability sends out in interview a self-confident and threatening temperament, win the good impression of official of be in charge of an examination.

Preparation full a portion is those who maintain an order this

If want to be in this " war situation " intense obtain employment market, strive for good to job, the thing that wants preparation but many, wait to autobiography of the basic knowledge of enterprise, industry, preparation, personal details, interview for example answer skill, of course, had made the psychological preparation that enters obtain employment market to become new person even.

When extend in all directions is a province this

Must not an isolated force fights bravely in forest of this obtain employment, inform many relatives and friends rapidly, all sorts of obtain employment opportunities reach extensive collect information, when ability is saved be dead on the target.

Be brave in to behave those who be an opportunity this

Do not want be ashamed at project oneself, in each toll-gate of to apply for a job, want to strive for all sorts of opportunities actively, let a proprietor of an enterprise know? It is an uncut jade, need to try only carve can be glaring diamond, be brave in to behave, be brave in to do yourself.

Of impression of Da Liwei knowing a book this
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