Be stationed in store manager
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Branch of invite applications for a job: The company interlinks inn
·Basic message: Record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, , shandong saves the job, firewood fulfil pay (monthly pay) : 4500-6000 yuan
·Position description: Be in charge of interlinking the management inside inn. Include: Personnel administration, financial management, customer government, public concern management.
·Position requirement: The men and women is not restricted, 35 years old the following, can obedient allocation, can approbate take exercise from basic level, communication communication is close friends.

·Other pay: The corporation offers board and lodging freely, groom freely, provide development space, provide insurance.
Communication address: Jinan city liberates edifice of 62 iron courtyard east head 3 buildings 250 thousand
Contact means: E-mail:, phone: Dust load often protect  blessing stalk to bite punish bite punish the Ma of bandit making fun of He such as a  that carry  ?

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