Agent of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals
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Branch of invite applications for a job: Ministry of representative of concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals
·Basic message: Record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, full-time, jinan city works, firewood fulfil pay (monthly pay) : The face is discussed
·Position description: My place is professional the law that representative of the brand outside be engaged in home, patent and domestic and international enterprise register serves an orgnaization, by the country accredit of total bureau of industrial and commercial administration holds water, it is Chinese government one of orgnaizations of representative of brand of countrywide a hunderd schools that first approbating. Hold water more than 10 years to come, it is country, inside and outside early or late five enterprise or business unit and individual and industrial and commercial door conducted the brand that has legal effectiveness and relevant business, portfolio occupies complete province first place firmly 6 years continuously, it is Shandong provincial the trade mark with most, the biggest dimensions serves portfolio orgnaization.
·Position requirement: Law or English are professional, record of formal schooling of above of full-time undergraduate course, have experience of work of a year of above, behave well, respect property,
Responsibility heart is strong, have good language expressive ability and communicate harmonious ability.

Communication address: Jinan city classics A of 7 516 edifices that assemble interconnected system 19 buildings 250021
Contact means: E-mail:, phone: 0531-87081965, contact: Director Hou

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