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Branch of invite applications for a job: Sale ministry
·Basic message: Record of formal schooling of undergraduate course above, full-time, jinan city works, firewood fulfil pay (monthly pay) : The face is discussed
·Position description: Company brief introduction: The company basically is engaged in be being given priority to with herbicide farming the research and development that turns a product, production and sale. Company development is rapid, develop to diversity direction. Existing employee many 400, register fund 10 million.
One, working description:
1. begins market marketing; 2. Know the market, implement zonule target and plan; 3. Decompose the sale target of own area to the client; 4. Make detailed sale plan to implement a plan; 5. Understand and collect market information; 6. Manage good follower client and develop perfect client network, sell the product of the company; 7. Foster and manage the member that follower market is popularized; 8. Product promotion.
Connect a telephone call - 88118139 (manpower resource ministry)
·Position requirement: 2, apply for personnel requirement:
1. this year's undergraduate course is graduate, major is not restricted; 2. Have deep love for sale job, can sufficient investment; 3. Sociability, communication capability is strong, want to have group mind at the same time; 4. Have stronger innovation consciousness, be full of development force; 5. Have stronger operation power, work dependable, serious, rigorous, can bear hardships.

·Other pay: 3, pay: 1. The company pays each insurance that the country provides; 2. Offer accommodation and meal allowance; 3. The monthly wages after becoming a full member 1200 above; 4. The company is offerred good employee grooms and develop platform; 5. Workplace: Jinan and place are in charge of business area.
Communication address: Jinan city Hua Yang district 69 Jinan study abroad personnel poineering garden 2 period 456 rooms 250100
Contact means: E-mail:, phone: 88118139, contact: Teacher of the Song Dynasty

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