Paint the full implementation of the North Hospital plans to introduce overse
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Recently, with the Institute of Gansu Province in northern high-level personnel to support technology innovation and entrepreneurship action items - "super-hydrophobic / thinning the oil surface materials research and industrial applications," Science and Technology formally approved by the Office of Gansu Province, north of hospital plans to introduce overseas talent fully implemented. In recent years, the North continue to broaden Development Institute, a high level of paints following the international trend of technological development, industrial development in the North Court under the framework set up technology platforms, the introduction of high-level experts, and promote cross-enterprise, cross-disciplinary extraordinary development . This year early in February, the North Court of Canada returned to Dr. Mr. Yang Dequan signed a "joint development" super-hydrophobic thinning oil paint application technology "and" conductive superhydrophobic coating application technology "agreement", and hired Mr. Yang Dequan for the North School Distinguished Professor through the establishment of super-hospital in the north two-sparse coating material specialized laboratories, such technical guidance for project work, enhance scientific research and technology. Through nearly a year of development, progress has been made in the technology and has an initial capacity with the market. According to Coatings Technology & Abstracts understanding done enough preliminary work in the case of October, North Court formally submitted to the Provincial Science and Technology Department of Gansu high-level personnel to support technology innovation and entrepreneurship action items - "super-hydrophobic / thinning the oil surface material applied research and industry. " As the project organized and powerful industry development prospects, and have very wide applications, at present, the North School has been officially approved, the implementation of the project funds were 200 million yuan. Super sparse coating material is a double-coating on the water static contact angle greater than 150 ° (sliding contact angle less than 10 °), while the contact angle of oil is greater than or equal to 150 ° of a technology, although there are coating technology can achieve a lot of water or the oil of the contact angle greater than 90 °, but also get dual-coating technology is still sparse space, commercial thinning of the double-coating technology and products are also not reported. Northern Institute of Functional Materials Super amphiphobic higher maturity of the technology, already have industrial application of the theory and the small production base. Because the technology is comprised of regular functional inorganic materials, surface treatment obtained, industry low cost, suitable for widely used. Sparse feature super double-coating technology, materials technology and integration, more to expand its application areas, the functional coating materials. Super Double sparse coating technology to achieve a real sense of self-cleaning, for water-based and oil-based capacity of both anti-pollution and anti-frost can do surface, ice and anti-fog coating applications, such as ensuring long-term exposure to outdoor vehicles, aircraft, vessels and large-scale long-term infrastructure clean, drag reduction can be applied to pipeline corrosion coating, power transmission project de-icing coating the surface of the anti-icing, anti-icing of wind turbine blades, the helicopter propeller anti-icing de-icing and other fields, to optimize the anti-corrosion coating system, it has a very wide range of application and market prospects.