Dalian Ding Jobs Real Estate Assessment and Advisory Co. Ltd.
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Company: Dalian Ding Consulting Co., Ltd. Real Estate Assessment Recruitment Professional: mapping, resource Contact: Li Jiangning Manager Tel: 13304117922 E-mail: (please specify school professional + resume) Requirements: boys first, undergraduate, master may be, to be able to endure hardship, some organizational skills, good at learning and communication. Can first practice and then two-way choice whether to stay in my company. The tripod a wide range of business, including land development and reclamation feasibility studies and planning, land evaluation, engineering survey, cadastral mapping, property mapping, land registration agent, engineering and economic information consultation, land reclamation and other services programming . CTCI Corporation Class A land evaluation has been made, qualification, development of land consolidation and reclamation planning and design agency B qualification, land reclamation programming B qualification, Liaoning Province, land registration agent qualification and qualification mapping C, is currently applying mapping B level qualification.