Urban management institutions recruit high-tech zones popular
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Yesterday, the 2010 high New registration recruitment of staff and institutions talent buildings in the area. 48 posts attracted 429 people applied. Of these, 20 urban management positions, recruiting ratio to 14.2 to 1; but there are nine positions do not form a valid registration. Show Enthusiasm phenomenon. 9 am, reporters at the scene saw enrollment, recruitment booth, there Lengrebujun phenomenon. One side is "professional and technical positions," pick-reported side is the front stalls urban management positions in a long queue. The 20 urban management and law enforcement personnel recruitment, all the requirements of degree or above, but not limited to professional required to fitness test, ran 1,000 meters to be within 4 minutes and 10 seconds. Reporter noted, as is into the cause of the preparation, not only to attract many young people go to urban enrollment, has also attracted foreign white-collar workers and some local institutions have been working but not "compiled into" personnel competing application. A technical work in foreign invested enterprises in Hubei in the small group told reporters that although he is engaged in technology, a lot of income, but the business units he has no small temptation. Reporters on the scene, the registration of persons in urban management team, members account for half of the competition for many veterans, there are a number of graduate students to go for registration. The regional construction and engineering design of electrical construction drawing review center trial comparing Figure 9 and other unpopular "professional and technical positions," because the do not form a 3 to 1 ratio of the opening test, only vacancies.